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SavageEmpire portrait v00 Avatar.png

The main character of Savage Empire is the Avatar from the main Ultima series.

Character attributes[edit]

The character has three attributes:

  • Strength determines how much weight can be carried and the maximum health; in battle, if the character successfully hits an enemy, strength also determines the damage dealt.
  • Dexterity determines success rate in many actions, including hit rate during combat.
  • Intelligence is perhaps the less important attribute: it rules magic, but the main character cannot use magic; still, it is also a form of magic defense.

Each character has a set maximum of health points (HP = health points, HM = health maximum). The formula that links Str, level and HM is as follows: HM = 2*Str + 4*lvl.

There are no magic points. Instead, the shaman (not the main character) character carries with himself a quantity of three different offerings. In fact, magic points are replaced by the amount of offerings.

Character creation quiz[edit]

The quiz is based on the typical virtue test at the beginning of all the Ultima games. This time, instead, there aren't eight virtues, but just three attributes. Each attribute is associated to a color:

  • Blue = dexterity
  • Yellow = strength
  • Red = intelligence

Thus, there are just six possible different questions, intead of 28 as in the main series.

The quiz asks just three questions instead of seven. The questions follow this procedure:

  1. The first question is chosen at random from the table below.
  2. The second question asks to choose between the attribute-color you discarded in the first one, and the third attribute-color.
  3. The third question asks to choose between the two attribute-colors you chose in the previous two questions.

Following this mechanic, one attribute will be raised twice (values range: 22-26), another one will be raised once (19-23), and the third one will not be raised (16-18).

Your character's attributes are determined by your answers, plus a random factor. In fact, even if you are asked the same questions in the same order and you give the same answers, the character can have slightly different attributes.

Starting attributes may vary from 16 to 26.

Dexterity or Intelligence:

One warrior borrows another's spear and fails to return it. Days later, he mislays his own spear and you find it.

Do you:
A) return it to him (blue dexterity),
B) or give it to the warrior who owed the spear? (red intelligence)

Your chief gives you a pouch of gems to take to another; he has not counted them. On the path to the other village, you find a lamed warrior who cannot hunt. He could trade a few of your gems for food, and they will not be missed.

Will you:
A) deliver the gems as you were charged (red intelligence),
B) or give the warrior a gem? (blue dexterity)

Strength or Intelligence:

Your chief has told you to guard the village while a battle rages nearby. Your chief fights in the battle.

Will you:
A) obey the word of your chief (red intelligence),
B) or join your fellow warriors in the fight? (yellow strength)

You have sworn to protect your chief at any cost. Yet thou see him foully murder a warrior of his own tribe. The murdered's man brother asks you what you saw.

Will you:
A) keep your oath and protect your king (yellow strength),
B) or tell the truth of the matter? (red intelligence)

Dexterity or Strength:

A huge, powerful warrior stands against you and demands you give him your food.

Will you:
A) throw his demand in his teeth and attack him (yellow strength),
B) or give him your food, since it is clear he is hungry? (blue dexterity)

You fight a warrior you hate, and knock his spear from his hands. Another blow and he will be dead.

Will you:
A) let him surrender and spare him if he does (blue dexterity),
B) or slay him where he stands? (yellow strength)