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The best directions to the Disquiqui village come from the Yolaru tribesmen: "Go to city of stone where Nahuatla live. Take path south to foot of cliff. Go west. Find Disquiqui there."

Going south[edit]

Now that you found some sources of potassium nitrate, you can think about making more bombs. On your way south, stop near the laboratory and fill a bucket with tar. Then, in Yolaru village and Nahuatla city get all the cloth you can find.

Also, if Dokray is in your party, he has sufficient strength to carry a reasonable amount of spears for his atl-atl. Therefore, collect all the spears in the Kurak and Yolaru villages and in the Nahuatla city.

Drum Hill[edit]

In-game map of Drum Hill and surroundings.

Drum Hill is located between the Yolaru village and the Nahuatla city. There is just one person living there, and he's an outcast from the Disquiqui village.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v04 Tuomaxx.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Disquiqui? Mind?
  • Job? → Drums? → Small or large? → Large? Really large? → Really big? Biggest? → Hill? Hide?
  • Bone?

The Disquiqui village[edit]

In-game map of the village. Buildings have been highlighted in red and white.

Leave the Nahuatla city and follow the road to the south-west. At a fork keep west. Soon the road will end, but there are stairs downwards. Find three flights of stairs, and you will get in a valley. Follow the valley east, and the road restats. Follow the road west, until you get to a fork: to the north is the Disquiqui village.

Item list[edit]

List of items, clockwise around the village:

Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
S hut (prison) - Turnips bunch, 1 pepper Grinding stone Drum, broken dinosaur egg
SSW hut Tooth necklace, shield, spear, obsidian knife 1 berry 1 soft clay pot Deinonychus skull
SW hut Tooth necklace, obsidian knife 1 berry, 1 tortilla, 1 corn meal 1 clay, 1 soft clay pot, 1 cloth, 2 grinding stones, mortar, paddle Drop spindle, vine, 2 blankets
Central campfire - 3 fish, 4 tortillas, 2 corns, 3 beans, 2 meat, 1 berry, 2 roast pteranodons, 3 turnip bunches, 2 banana bunches, 1 pepper, chop, 1 cake 2 fired clay pots, 2 soft clay pots Blanket, 1 orchid, small pot
W hut Atl-atl 1 berry, bananas 1 chocolatl 5 blankets
NW hut Leather shield, 3 obsidian knives, throwing axe, club, bark shield, rock hammer Turnips bunch, roast pteranodon, 1 pepper, 1 tortilla 1 soft clay pot 3 blankets, 1 orchid
N hut Atl-atl, club Bananas - Drum, ladle, small pot, vine, 1 orchid, 2 blankets
NE hut - - - -
E hut - Turnips bunch, 1 pepper, 1 tortilla, fish - Blanket
Next E hut Bark shield, 1 arrow - Fired clay pot, 2 bamboo poles, 2 cloth strips, branch, clay, torch, 4 paddles, 1 flax Drum, drop spindle, vine, stick, blanket
SE hut Club, obsidian knife - Branch, 1 flax, 1 cloth strip, digging stick, bamboo pole Drum & small bones, stick, vine

Character dialogue trees[edit]

In order to get extra dialogue, release Jimmy first of all; then, speak to Lerei, Guoblum and Larrifin in any order, and later to Chafblum.

  • Note: Chafblum, Larrifin and Tuomaxx are the Three Stooges, a trio of comedians from the USA.
Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v04 Jimmy.png
  • (Greetings) → Aiela? → Darden?
  • Name? → Notebook?
  • Job? → Magazine? Disquiqui? → Chafblum? Guoblum?
  • Join? Leave? Wait?
  • Camera? Myrmidex?
SavageEmpire portrait v04 Lerei.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job?
  • Stir-fry parrot?
SavageEmpire portrait v04 Guoblum.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Chafblum? Larrifin? Lerei? Tuomaxx?
  • Job? → Pulque? Jimmy?
  • Myrmidex?
SavageEmpire portrait v04 Larrifin.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Heal?
  • Plachta?
  • Sticks? → Tuomaxx? → Echo?
SavageEmpire portrait v04 Chafblum.png
  • Name? → Chafblum?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Guoblum? → Jimmy?
  • Unite? → Sharptooth? Plachta?
  • Pulque? Paddle?
  • Tuomaxx? Moctapotli?
  • Three stooges? Moe? Shemp? Curly? Shaman Larry?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v04 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v04 woman.png
  • (Greetings) → Moctapotl?
  • Name? (Fiehn, Howar, Skefon, Charpo, Priala, Skutwa, Orpano, Warona)
  • Tribe? → Chafblum? Larrifin? Jimmy?
  • Job?
  • Paddle? → Pulque?
SavageEmpire portrait v03 Moctapotl.png
  • (Greetings) → Fighter? → Myrmidex? → Unite?
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Nahuatla? Others? → Disquiqui? Urali? Kurak? Yolaru? Barrab? Sakkhra? Haakur? Jukari? Pindiro and Barako?
  • Job? → Exile? → Zipactriotl? → Huitlapacti? Oaxtepac?
  • Tlapatla?

Three Stooges' trial[edit]

Sharptooth's territory is between the thicket, the road and the waterfront.

Ask Chafblum to unite all tribe against the Myrmidex. He will require two test. For the first one, just say "yes" when he asks you to drink platcha.

The second test is the real trial: you have to put a bell around the neck of a tyrannosaurus rex. Chafblum and Larrifin give you the bell SavageEmpire item plot bell.png and two jugs of platcha SavageEmpire item plot platcha.pngSavageEmpire item plot platcha.png. Lerei explains how to make the spear of Shamap SavageEmpire item plot shamapspear.png: [U]use some platcha on a spear SavageEmpire item weaponR2 spear.png. There is exactly one in the village, in the hut just west/left of the prison where Jimmy was held.

After the quest is set, Sharptooth the tyrannosaurus rex can be found south-east of the village, between the road and the waterfront. Equip the spear of Shamap and go looking for the dinosaur: follow the road east through the thickest part of the jungle, then go north where the road turns south. When you find it, attack it with Shamap's spear to knock it out, then get near it and [U]se the bell on it (no experience points are gained, because the tyrannosaurus rex wasn't killed).

The trial is complete: go back to Chafblum and let him know.

Next destination[edit]

Now that the Avatar found Rafkin and Jimmy, let's continue to look for Aiela. The next destination is the Barrab village, further to the south-west. There, you should look for the mind of Topuru.