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Jukari village[edit]

In-game map of Jukari village

Follow the road that starts from Tichticatl to the south-east, cross a mountain pass, then continue south. You will meet Pever at the end of the road. Continue south-east around the waterfront until you reach the Jukari village.

Item list[edit]

  • Equipment: collect the arrows and the spears.
  • Useful items: collect the few magic offerings, as well as any component for grenades; the vine will be useful soon, too.
  • Food: you can have turn corn into tortillas using the tools in the village.
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
N Bow, 35 arrows, obsidian knife, rock hammer, axe, blowgun, club, throwing axe - - 4 blankets, pot, small pot
NW Spear, obsidian knife 4 fish, 3 meat, 1 chop, 1 bean, roast pteranodon - 3 blankets, 10 diamonds
Far NW - 1 bean, 4 fish, 5 meat, 2 roast pteranodons - -
W Rock hammer - Clay, 4 soft clay pots, 2 fired clay pots Blanket
SW - Berry Clay, grinding stone Blanket
SSW (shaman's) - - 1 pinde, 1 chocolatl, 1 yopo Drum and rattle, 3 small pots
SSE Rock hammer - 2 cloth Blanket
SE - Corn, corn meal, 2 tortillas Mortar, grinding stone 2 blankets
E (chief's) Spear, rock hammer - - 6 diamonds
Far E - - - -
NE - - Vine -

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v10 Pever.png
  • Name? → Pever?
  • Tribe?
  • Job?
  • (Do NOT ask about Myrmidex, or Pever will attack you)
SavageEmpire portrait v10 Jumu.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Cave? → Shaman? Flow? Hide?
  • Unite? → Diamonds and emeralds?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v10 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v10 woman.png
  • Name? (Bogor, Enokor, Mawalan, Padrag, Damara, Jana, Shalan, Tindria)
  • Tribe? → Rock? → Chief? Sulphur?
  • Job? → Haakur?
  • Shaman? Diamonds?

Jumu's trial[edit]

The area between the Jukari village and their Sacred Cave.

Jumu asks to retrieve the Sacred Hide from the Sacred Cave, to the east of the village. Rafkin suggests that the fire extinguisher in his laboratory coul help crossing the lava.

SavageEmpire item plot extinguisher.png

You can either walk all the way north and earn some combat experience, or use the Kotl teleporter to reach the laboratory faster. Get the fire extinguisher and go back to the Jukari.

SavageEmpire item plot sacredhide.png

In order to get to the Jukari sacred cave, walk east from the village. Follow the southern border of the lava. Where the lava touches the cliff, use the fire extinguisher to create a path. The sacred cave is in the north-eastern end of the lava valley. In the cave, get the sacred hide and the emeralds (they are useful to buy armor and arrows).

Travel back to Jumu and give him the sacred hide. The trial is complete: the Jukari will join the alliance of tribes.

Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
Sacred Cave - 12 beans Sacred hide, 15 emeralds 38 diamonds, drum and small bones.

Next destination[edit]

The Jukari tribesmen said that the Haakur live to the north-east of their village.

Before you go and visit them, remember to get the vine in the Jukari village.