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Pindiro village[edit]

In-game map of the village, lake and Fritz's cave.

Leave the Barako village and travel east. Along the road you will see three paths that go north: the first two are dead ends, the third one (more to the east) leads to the Pindiro village.

Here you will learn something about two strangers: Fritz (the Barako spoke about him already) and another, nameless stranger who lives with the Nahuatla.

You can recruit Dokray, alter-ego of Dupre from the main Ultima series. He's an unbalanced fighter with low dexterity and high strength, therefore he's less suited for fighting than for carrying stuff.

Kunawo the shaman will trade 5 flax for 3 magic offerings (1 chocolatl, 1 pinde, 1 yopo), but only if Triolo is in the party. This is logic: Triolo is the only character who can use magic. In order to get flax, simply [U]se an orange yucca plant.

Item list[edit]

  • Equipment: boomerangs can be handy if you run out of projectiles (arrows, spears, ammunitions).
  • Useful items: the 30 feathers can be traded in Tichticatl for 3 emeralds (they can be used if you want to buy some more equipment); you should already have enough paddles from the Barako village.
  • Food: you found already many fishing poles; you can unse a knife on the dead sloth to get some meat.
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
SW Boomerang, stegosaurus shield, leather shield 1 meat, 14 berries - 4 blankets
SSW Boomerang, bow, 30 arrows 16 berries, 1 meat - 2 blankets
SSE Obsidian knife Dead sloth, 6 chops, 3 roast pteranodons - -
SE Boomerang, stegosaurus shield, leather shield, 2 obsidian knives - Folded skin 2 blankets
Centre (Kunawo's) Boomerang, 2 obsidian knives Turnips bunch, 2 banana bunches, 2 peppers, 75 beans - 2 blankets
E - 4 fish, 2 meat - -
NE 3 boomerangs, 3 stegosaurus shields, leather shield - 2 fishing poles 4 blankets
N Boomerang 2 fish, 5 berries 2 fishing poles 2 blankets
NW (Inara's) Tooth necklace, jade necklace Banana bunch Folded skin, 1 emerald, 30 feathers, 2 paddles 4 blankets, orchid, ruby

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v09 Inara.png
  • (Greetings) → Stranger?
  • Name?
  • Job?Tribe? → Barako? Beasts? Fish? → Raft? → Paddle?
  • Unite?
  • Topuru?
SavageEmpire portrait v09 Kunawo.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Pindiro? → Fritz?
  • Job? → Spirits? Heal? Trade? → Flax?
  • Blind?
  • Myrmidex?
SavageEmpire portrait v09 Dokray.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Pindiro?
  • Job? → Eodon? Myrmidex? → Intanya? Unite? → Chiefs?
  • Join? Leave? Wait?
  • Topuru? Barako?
  • Rafkin? → Yolaru?
  • Sham? → Shaman? Shamuru? → Triolo?
  • Dupre?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v09 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v09 woman.png
  • Name? (Hialak, Nimar, Panowa, Hiawa, Illawa, Ruwal, Sanlia, Sarona)
  • Tribe? Job? → Fish? → Lake? → Raft? → Paddle? → Disquiqui?
  • Inara?
  • Barako?

Inara's trial[edit]

Actually, there's no trial: Inara is the only chieftain who agrees to unite all the tribes without asking anything.

Fritz's hideout[edit]

Take one of the Pindiro rafts (provided you still have four paddles), and cross the lake straight west. Land near the yellow steppladder and walk a bit north: you'll find Fritz's hideout.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v09 Fritz.png
  • Name?
  • Job? → Spector? → Fault? → Natives? Crystal brain? Ammunition?
  • Join?
  • Head? Hand?

Items: the new stock of rifle bullets is obviously very useful; the crystal brain is a unique plot item.

Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
Cave 60 rifle bullets 20 corn meals, 5 tortillas, 20 beans, 7 chops Crystal brain, vine Skillet
Throw a bomb where the crosshair is to clear the passage.

A boulder blocks the passage to a large dome. The passage can be opened using a single, well-placed grenade. Still, the only thing that can be found beyond is just a crystal garden.

Next destination[edit]

You now have three reasons to go south:

  1. in Disquiqui village: look for Jimmy;
  2. in Barrab village: look for Topuru's mind, on your quest to save Aiela;
  3. somewhere in the southwest: look for the underground city that Fritz spoke about.

These three locations are in succession, and the Disquiqui village is the first one you can reach.