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The eastern caves[edit]

The caves between Eodon valley and Urali swamp.

After Topuru "recovered" his mind, he revealed how to get to the hiden Urali village: start from the Nahuatla city and go north-east, then enter the second cave from the north.

You can either use the Kotl teleporters or walk all the way south; the latter option is more time-consuming, but it gives the chance of earning some more experience points.

Starting from the Nahuatla city, if we split the path in two, we get two possible routes:

  1. North first, then east: from the Nahuatla city, go north to the Yolaru village (or simply go straight from the Barako to the Yolaru), then east until you reach the northmost cave; follow the cliff southwards and enter the second cave.
  2. East first, then north: from the Nahuatla city, go east to the bamboo forest; there, use the wire screen facing the sulphur pits and stock up a component for gunpowder; then, follow the cliff north and cross the dinosaur graveyard, where you can see tar pits; keep going north until you reach a cave: Denys, an Urali outcast, lives there; keep following the cliff until you find a deeper cave where bears live: that's the passage.

Option n.1 is faster, but option n.2 offers more resources.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v08 Denys.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Hidden? Outcast? → Fabozz? Eodon?
  • Job?
  • (No other dialogue options)

When you emerge on the other side of the caves, follow the path east. Soon you will reach an islet with a tyrannosaurus called Mighty Lizard. It cannot be defeated; even if you have one spear of Shamap left, the dinosaur could awaken before you get past it. The solution lies in the turtle food that Topuru gave you. Backtrack a little, get on the waterfront north of the path, and use turtle food to summon turtles (one per party member). Ride (Use) the turtles and land just after the islet of the Mighty Lizard.

Urali village[edit]

In-game map of the village. Buildings have been highlighted in red and white.

As soon as you get past the Mighty Lizard, you can meet the Urali shaman, Wamap, along the road. Unlike the previous tribes, you should ask him, not the chieftain, to unite the tribes. If you don't see him, he is likely resting in his hut, directly east of the well.

Although he's a shaman, Wamap won't heal you. That's unfortunate, because the village swarms with hostile poison-blowers. Therefore, it's vital that Triolo is in the party, holding his totems and a stock of offerings.

Item list[edit]

  • Equipment: ignore blowguns and poison darts, because enemies killed by poison grant no experience points.
  • Useful items: get the magic offerings, as usual, plus as many components for grenades as you can carry.
  • Food: almost useless, as usual.
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
NW Blowgun, 12 poison darts 1 berry 1 fired clay pot, branch, mortar, grinding stone Small bones
NE Blowgun, 24 poison darts, 2 spears, bow, rock hammer, stegosaurus shield, bark shield, tooth necklace 3 fish 2 torches Bones, 2 blanket
Center - - 1 clay, 1 soft clay pot, 3 fired clay pots Blanket, 2 pots, 2 small pots
E (Darden's?) Obsidian knife, 18 poison darts - 5 yopo, 5 pinde, 5 chocolatl, 2 Heluzz totems Drum and small bones, bones
SE (funerary) 4 lei necklace - - Blanket, 4 orchids
S Blowgun, 13 poison darts - Digging stick, paddle, bamboo pole, fishing pole, 6 torches Stick, vine, flute
SW - Roast pteranodon, 7 meat, chop, 2 fishes Branch, bamboo pole, digging stick Stick
Far SW Blowgun, 12 poison darts - - -

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
Shaman SavageEmpire portrait v08 Wamap.png
  • Name? → Wamap?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Fabozz? → Mighty lizard? Darden? Held? → Statue?
  • Unite? → Rescue?
  • Aiela? Heal?
Chief SavageEmpire portrait v08 Darden.png
  • (Darden is nowhere to be found now, but he himself will find you later...)
Hostile characters SavageEmpire portrait v08 man.png
  • Urali guards attack as they see you;
  • Urali men attack if you try and talk to them.
Tribesman SavageEmpire portrait v08 woman.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? → Others? Trails? Darden? → Friend? Enemy? Fabozz? Prisoners? → Statue? Aiela?
  • Job?
  • Myrmidex? → Unite?
  • Topuru? Tar?

Wamap's trial[edit]

The caves north and south of the Urali village.

In order to unite the Urali tribes to the other ones, Wamap actually asks two things: (1) restore the idol of Fabozz and (2) kill Darden. You can complete the two tasks in any order, but it's more convenient to start from Fabozz. In fact, Darden is nowhere to be found in the village, and furthermore when the idol is restored the Urali guards will stop attacking you with their annoying poison darts.

Restore Fabozz[edit]

SavageEmpire portrait v08 Fabozz.png

Wamap explained you that the statue of Fabozz is held in a cave north of the village.

Walk north from the village. In order to avoid the guards, try and stay away from the waterfront. When you reach the cave, the Fabozz idol is in the south-east part, guarded by half a dozen Uralis. After you defeated the guards, talk to the idol: he will ask light. Use Jimmy's camera with flash, and the statue will magically move to its proper place in the village center. If you lost Jimmy's camera, a second one can be found in Rafkin's laboratory.

This part of the trial is complete: Fabozz lets the Mighty Lizard go away and tells all the villagers and guards that you are a friend and a hero.

Defeat Darden (and rescue Aiela)[edit]

You learned from Wamap and the Urali women that Darden is in a cave to the south, where he holds Aiela prisoner. The women also explained that a secret path allows to avoid most guards. Anyway, if you restored Fabozz already, the guards became friendly to you and there's no need to avoid them.

Travel south to the cave (before the cave entrance there's a step where you must move diagonally: use the mouse). Many guards are inside the cave, but they won't attack. Open (Use) the cage where Aiela is imprisoned, and Darden will appear and attack. Without the support of the Urali, the fight is rather easy.

Aiela joins the party even if there are five members already. She is a very good fighter, thanks to her high dexterity; she can carry a reasonable amout of items, thanks to her average strength.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Aiela.png
  • Name? → Aloron? Kurak?
  • Tribe? → Yolaru? Nahuatla? Disquiqui? Urali? → Sahree? Darden?
  • Job? → Myrmidex? → Unite?
  • Join? Wait? Leave?
  • Love? Companion?
  • Bone? Hide? Bamboo?
  • Tristia? Topuru?

Wamap's trial is now complete: go back to him and ask again to unite his tribe to the other ones.

Next destination[edit]

Now that Aiela has been rescued, it's your duty to inform her father, Aloron of the Kurak. He'll also join the alliance of the tribes.

The giant gem carried by Aiela is the key to access the Kotl ruins and turn off the force field protecting the Nahuatla usurper, as king Moctapotli asked you. Therefore, the next destination is the Nahuatla tribe.