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The aim is to get across to the GOAL at the top of the screen. On the way, there are many obstacles such as cars that kill you. It kind of plays like Frogger without a different goal, and a more strategic approach to getting across. You do not actually have to land in the area marked "GOAL" – it sometimes isn't even possible. Instead you just have to reach the top of the screen. For every second left on the clock you get 30 points.

Start a new game, from Stage 01 to 30. If you already have a password, input it in the second option.


  • Neutral dpad / Neutral dpad: Move the worm
  • Start button / Start button: Pause / resume

You can move the worm in any direction. A short tap to the left or right directions will make tiny steps, whereas a long tap is a long burst. You will need to make use of both to get through the areas.


  • Leaf: +300 points
  • Chili: Hyper Mode, makes your movements faster.
  • Clock: Freezes everything for a few seconds.