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  • Neutral dpad: Press left or right to direct the player in either direction. Push up or down to climb or descend a ladder. Note that the players can walk from one side of the screen to the other in either direction on any floor.
  • B button or A button: Press to swing your hammer at whatever is behind you (into the screen.)
  • Start button: Pauses the action in the game.
  • Select button: Not used during game play.


Mario and Luigi[edit]

Wrecking Crew Mario.png
Wrecking Crew Luigi.png

You control one of the Mario brothers. Player 1 controls Mario, and player 2 controls Luigi. The brothers' goal is to demolish every destroyable object in each building. They wield a hammer that they use to destroy walls, bricks, and ladders, or to ignite bombs. Mario and Luigi can run in either direction, and climb up and down ladders. They remain in the foreground of the stage throughout the game, and they can cross from one side of the screen to the opposite side. The brothers lose one life every time they collide with an enemy gotchawrench or eggplant soldier. If they are standing in front of a bomb when it explodes, or on a destroyable ladder as it's being destroyed, they fall to the ground stunned, but do not die.

Foreman Spike[edit]

Wrecking Crew Spike.png

Foreman Spike has a sore spot for the Mario brothers, and is determined to make them look bad by getting in the way and generally being a nuisance. He always walks around in the background, although he is not shaded over like the other enemies that occupy the background. If he has the opportunity, he will smash a wall or destroyable ladder that Mario or Luigi is on the other side of, causing them to fall to the ground, but you can do the same to him. Hit the wall that he is standing behind before he can do the same to you, and you will cause him to tumble down to the floor.


Wrecking Crew Red Wrench.png
Wrecking Crew Purple Wrench.png

These animated wrenches are a direct threat to the brothers. Each color behaves differently, but their touch is equally deadly. Red gotchawrenches are the slower of the two, but they are a bit smarter. They analyze where the brothers are located, and try to move towards them in the shortest path possible. The purple gotchawrenches are faster, but dumber as well. They tend to move much more randomly, just getting in the way. When any of them encounter an open door, they cross over to the opposite layer. So gotchawrenches in the foreground will pass in to the background and vice versa.

Eggplant Men[edit]

Wrecking Crew Eggplant.png

Wrenches aren't the only animated objects on the demolition site. Eggplant men are wandering around as well, and they are just as dangerous to touch as gotchawrenches. They are a little more mindless, walking along until they encounter a ladder or a barrier. If they find a ladder, they will automatically climb or descend it and continue on in the direction they were walking. If they hit a barrier, they immediately turn around. They move at a fairly good clip, but they are rather predictable. Stay out of their way and you'll be fine.
Note: Wrecking Crew is not the only Nintendo game where Eggplants are a dangerous foe. Eggplant Wizards are found in Kid Icarus.


Wrecking Crew Fireball.png

After spending a good amount of time in a stage, fireballs begin to appear. The show up on whatever level Mario or Luigi happens to be standing on at the time. Then they cross the screen in a wave like pattern that is similar to the green fireball from Mario Bros. When they appear, begin to move off the level, or if it's safe to do so, cross over to the side of the screen that the fireball appeared on. Whatever you do, don't stand still.

  • Fireball jumps to the music beat. It's also possible to dodge the fireball by moving underneath it when the fireball jumps. It's quite a difficult maneuver.

Building Elements[edit]

Wall Light Bricks Dark Bricks Ladder
Wrecking Crew Wall.png Wrecking Crew Brick1.png Wrecking Crew Brick2.png Wrecking Crew Break Ladder.png
A wall takes only one hit to demolish. Light bricks take two hits to demolish. Dark bricks take three hits to demolish. A ladder takes only one hit to demolish. In addition, it will cause a chain reaction, destroying every ladder that is connected to it vertically.
Bomb Green Door Pillar Barrel
Wrecking Crew Bomb.png Wrecking Crew Door.png Wrecking Crew Pillar.png Wrecking Crew Barrel.png
A bomb will detonate shortly after being struck with a hammer, or if part of a chain reaction with another bomb. It will start a chain reaction that is equivalent to one hammer strike to every connected object. Striking a door will cause the doors to open temporarily. During that time enemies can and will pass through it from one layer to the other. Pillars can be destroyed, but they are not required to be in order to complete the stage. Anything being held above the pillar will fall down to the level of the pillar. Barrels can not be passed, but they can be walked on. If a barrel is supported by a pillar and the pillar is destroyed, the barrel falls down and can potentially trap Mario, Luigi, or an enemy.