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Scrolling shooter segments[edit]

Button Action
Neutral dpad Move the Vazolder.
A button + Up dpadDown dpad Change form of the Vazolder: T (Tank), H (Hover), A (Aerial).
A button + Left dpadRight dpad Change the active weapon of the Vazolder.
B button Shoot.
Start button Pause
Select button (Unused)

Text adventure segments[edit]

Button Action
B button Open menu, confirm choice; shoot.
A button Close menu, revoke choice; shoot.
Neutral dpad Move cursor; move gunsight.
Start button Pause (during shooting only)
Select button (Unused)

Vazolder weapons:

  • Electro-Gatling: the default VZR-5 weapon; useful in Acts 1 and 2.
  • Hydro-Sonic: available after finding the VZR-2 (in Act 1); useful in Act 3.
  • Meltneedle: available after finding the VZR-3 (in Act 2); useless.
  • Hyper-sight: available on the VZR-4 (since Act 4); useful in Act 4.
  • Phaser-Gun: available on the VZR-4 (Act 5 only); useful in Act 5.

Platform segments[edit]

Button Action
Left dpad Right dpad Walk
Down dpad Crouch
Up dpad Kick
Down dpad + Up dpad Jumping kick
A button Jump
B button Shoot
Start button Pause
Select button (Unused)