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Password: 3569

Scrolling shooter segment[edit]

Side scrolling[edit]

The Vazolder-5 was further upgraded: a new weapon for the Aerial form is available (Unit Beta), as well as one (the Meltneedle) for the "text adventure" segment.

Change (Aerial-form)
It moves faster, and it shoots bouncing lasers.
Unit Alpha
Energy spheres spiral around the Vazolder.
Unit Beta
Places a mine in front of the Vazolder.
Change (Hover-form)
It can automatically drill through earth.
Change (Tank-form)
The basic form. It conusmes almost no fuel.
It allows to drill through soft earth.

Vertical scrolling[edit]

Dan explains that the Vazolder-5 reached an underground volcano.

The Unit Beta shoots four mines in four directions (forward/up, back/down, right, left in a "+" shape).

Text adventure segment[edit]

The lines highlighted in red unlock the next tier of hints, but they grant a lower bonus. Avoid them!

You can take eight actions before you have to shoot: remember to Use one action to select the Hydro-Sonic.

Talk to Diane once, then to Mike six time, then select the Hydro-Sonic.

First dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby It is a reptilian monster. +0% -1
Dan Find his [its] weak point. +0% -1
Locke Increase possibility factor to 100% +0% -1
Mike Lets [Let's] use the meltneedle. +0% +1
G-13 Danger! Danger! +0% -1
Diane Zalta's weakness is water! +50% +2
Second dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby There can't be any water in this sea of fire. +0% +1
Dan Its weak point is water. +0% +0
Locke Water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen... +0% +0
Mike This meltneedle is useless... +30% -1
G-13 Water! Water! +10% +2
Diane ... +0% -1
Third dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby We can't use our ration of drinking water! +0% +0
Dan Its weak point is water. +0% +0
Locke Use the Hydro-Sonic... -10% +1
Mike Water... I'm sounding like Hellen Keller. +0% +1
G-13 Water! Water! +0% +0
Diane ... +0% +0
Fourth dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby We're getting beat. Locke, do something! +0% +0
Dan We can't beat it unless it transforms itself. +0% +0
Locke Check your life meter. +0% +1
Mike Lets [Let's] blow him [it] away. +1% +0
G-13 ... +0% +0
Diane Don't give up. +0% +4

Platform segment[edit]

Moby finds the green Dyna Crystal.

This stage is simpler than the previous: it includes only three floors, and the first one is perfectly linear.

It might be easier to jump over bats and other small enemies, instead of fighting them. On the other hand, the green Nonmaltas may drop life or arms refills.

After meeting Sylvia, Moby automatically enters the laboratory on next floor. There, the path is determined: Moby can open the doors only after she spoke with Dan and Davis.

Fight Icamod of the Nonmaltas (he is identical to Zolta), then Sylvia, Davis and Allan join Moby.