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You start onboard the Vazolder-5 (VZR-5), that is the fifth titular Vazolder underground ship that was sent to explore the underground.

Scrolling shooter segment[edit]

Moby and her crew are onboard the Vazolder-5 (VZR-5).

This stage was designed mainly for the player to get acquainted with the controls: try shifting between forms and weapons. Note that fuel is consumed faster in Hover-form.

Change (Hover-form)
It can automatically drill through earth.
Change (Tank-form)
The basic form. It conusmes almost no fuel.
It allows to drill through soft earth.

Text adventure segment[edit]

Talk to any one of the crew members. If you select the character in "green", you will receive a bonus and unlock the next tier of hints. After you talk eight times to the crew, the monster will attack, and you have to shoot it. You can only win the battle when the possibility factor reaches 100%.

By talking to the highlighted characters, you can quickly raise the possibility factor to 65%, then you have to shoot the monster. Each destroyed part grants a further +5% to possibility. After you destroyed the four parts, you can talk to the characters 8 more times, and thus further increase possibility or restore life.

First dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby Talk to the crew for help. +0% +0
Dan Increase possibility factor to 100%. +10% +0
Locke Find his [its] weak point. +0% +0
Mike I told you, I didn't want to come. +0% +0
Second dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby This monster is a one-celled creature. +0% +0
Dan Find his [its] weak point. +0% +0
Locke The monster must have a weakness. +15% +1
Mike You can't beat this monster. +0% +0
Third dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby Mike is a biologist, right? +0% +0
Dan The monster's tentacles evolved from a flagellum. +0% +0
Locke Check your life meter. +0% +1
Mike Aim for the nucleus. +35% +1
Fourth dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby Increase possibility factor to 100%. +0% +0
Dan His [its] eye must be the nucleus. +1% +0
Locke It's a bemul, a proto-bio monster. +0% +0
Mike Let's blow him [it] away. +0% +1

Platform segment[edit]

Leaving the Vazolder-5, Moby finds a blue crystal.


  • Bats: kick when they lash down.
  • Under-dogs: kneel and shot them.
  • Underworlders (green humanoids): kick when they get close, and they will jump over Moby, then turn back; repeat until they are defeated.

Drop down the first pit, walk left, and talk to the injured man. He will give Moby a key for a gate further down.

Walk all the way right, drop down the second pit, then walk back left to the gate. Contune until you can enter the Vazolder-2 (VZR-2).

Inside the Vazolder, Moby will soon be blocked by a wall: jump up on a hardly visible platform, and then over the barrier. Fight the boss shooting and kicking, and he will soon flee.

A new crew member will join you: the G-13 robot.