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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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Within the game, Ayumi has a diary that can be accessed in the main menu. For every cutscene unlocked in the game, a new entry is added allowing the player the chance to rewatch each cutscene.


As a Treasure Hunter I see weird and wonderful things throughout all of my travels. However, recently, while a merchant was examining a trophy I was trying to sell, I took a look around and I couldn't believe what I found. A magical artifact! It was completely unbelievable. Suddenly, some dark powers manifested before my very eyes! So I had to fight them and win… of course. That's how I got a hold of this mysterious map…

The Map[edit]

The map showed me the way to the raised temple… a lost and lonely place… maybe I'll find the powerful artifact here? The one I can't stop dreaming about. Hmm, and even if it is some kind of trinket… I can always sell it for a price. Anyways, I'm glad I came alone – a partner only slows you down and means splitting everything two ways. BLAH!

Artifact of Darkness[edit]

I reached the heart of the temple – and there it was, the artifact – it was everything I could imagine and more! But it was guarded by a real nasty lion thingy, the "Light" – but I didn't give a fig for his apocalyptical speechmakin' – I had to have the artifact at all cost!

First Appearance of the Curse[edit]

Maybe I should've listened to the Light? Naaa, I mustn't think like that… but it's HORRIBLE! That artifact was cursed and the Dark seemed to have used his evil power on me… but when the Light saw what was happening he cast a powerful spell, teleporting me far away… but why?

Dream a Dream[edit]

I felt really weird – a black slime seemed to form on my hand – and it was eating me up! It was like a horrible nightmare… except that this was reality! When I came to, I saw that the Light had teleported me to a strange island, but why was he doing this?

Trap a Trap[edit]

I had a few fights with some nasty creatures here, but nothing really worth mentioning… when suddenly I found myself hopelessly trapped in a tower – all the exits shut tight and sharp metal spikes began shooting out of the ground around me! I thought I was a goner for sure…

The Rescue[edit]

Then along came Jay… a real boaster… still, I like him… but just a LITTLE! Anyways, he seems like kinda a weakling – but he does have a tremendous ability… light magic, he calls it! Anyways, he freed me from these spikes and… well I'm not as alone now on this island as I thought… this Jay guy is searching for an artifact of the Light – and who knows, maybe it'll help me get rid of the curse?

Encounter with The Dark[edit]

The Fight between the Dark One and Jay was already in full swing when I realized that this evil divinity was probably responsible for the the trap that nearly killed me… so I decided to help my new friend… and yeah, Jay tried to do the macho hero number on me… but I've heard that song before. Still… it was kinda cute.

Escape of The Dark[edit]

The Dark One missed a few shots at me… however I thought I had him beat when he took the full force of one of my special attacks – but then he really got his act together – I was surprised when he broke off the fight and ran. Jay followed him but that was just his Mr. Macho act again… but it could be dangerous… Er? What am I saying? Am I actually WORRIED about Jay? NO WAY!

The Temple of Darkness[edit]

Uh-oh, I knew it. I found Jay in the Temple of Darkness, injured and weak. The Dark had won… and regained his power. To do that, he needed Jay's body… now he only has to kill me, to get all that dark power…

Transfer of the Curse[edit]

I found the artifact of the Light and touched it. Then I lost consciousness, but the dark power left me… I DID it! Yet… somehow I'm not as happy as I should be, tho'… because the powers of the Dark only need to obtain a new body… and they have Jay!

Return of The Dark[edit]

It looks like the powers of the Dark One is unlimited – but I HAVE defeated him twice… so why not a third time too? I'm ready!

The appearance of The Obsessed[edit]

The Dark One was so weak that the attack from Jay, who seems somewhat possessed, totally surprised him. So now Jay… or… I mean the Possessed One, now has the power of The Dark at his disposal – and he's targeted his next victim too, namely yours truly… but he WON'T get ME! (Ah, Jay… why did it have to be you?)

The escape of The Obsessed[edit]

I defeated the Possessed One – and of course I hoped to find the old Jay in there again… but the Curse of the Dark seems to be all-powerful… Jay is now a victim of the Dark! All my hopes… my… ahhh, can't anyone help me wake up from this nightmare?… Anyone?!?!

Before the final battle[edit]

There seems to be only two of us left on the island me and the Possessed One… Jay. The final battle will be a real test for me – but how will it end? And have I made the right decisions? I'll soon find out…

"Bad" ending[edit]

I defeated the Possessed One! I killed Jay, my rescuer! I still can't believe it… but in the heat of battle I forgot that there once was good inside my opponent. He did actually rescue me from that trap… why did it have to be this way? Why did I have to pay such a high price for this victory?

"Good" ending[edit]

It was a hard battle – but I never for one second forgot that good Jay must be inside the terrible monster I was fighting… and the thoughts tore my heart in two! Maybe that's why the Light came to our rescue? He cast an enormously powerful spell which freed Jay from the power of the Dark! Now everything will turn out fine… the way it should be.