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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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There are two in endings found within the game, a good ending and a bad ending. If the player buys any or all dark spells while under the curse, it will trigger the bad ending, while the light spells will trigger the good ending. Achieving the good ending in higher difficulty settings is crucial for earning "Being good is easy", "Good girl", and "It's hard to be a good girl" trophies/achievements.


X-Blades: Bad Ending (1:00)
Watch the bad ending to the game.

Ayumi's battle with Dark Jay reaches its climax. Ayumi delivers a final blow, sending Jay skyward where he lands in the center of the hall and dies. Ayumi drops her blades and walks over to Jay as the dark magic and armor leaves his body and drops to her knees beside his body. In what resembles an act of breaking the fourth wall, the camera presents an up close shot of Ayumi's face, in which she appears to look right at the player sobbing "If only if I could start over, I'd find another way. I would have done something different".


X-Blades: Good Ending (1:12)
Watch the good ending to the game.

Ayumi and Dark Jay charge and leap at each other. Ayumi manages to deal one last blow with her blades that knocks Dark Jay back to the floor. Once she lands, the light power now coursing within Ayumi begins to stir and she is enclosed within a light magic sphere that ascends skyward. Dark Jay is then suddenly engulfed in the same light sphere. The two spheres ascend high into the sky in a flash of light that consumes the entire planet, purging it of the dark magic. When all is done, Ayumi and the reverted Jay are seen sitting back-to-back on a banister of a stone gazebo on the Abandoned Coast watching the sunrise over the horizon.