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Ayumi enters the main hall and takes a look around at her surroundings. Unbeknown to her, Dark Jay is watching her from high above one of the columns. He leaps down to the ground before Ayumi and proclaims that she can't stop him as "nothing can stop the dark". Yet, Ayumi assures him that she'll try anyway. Dark Jay then remarks that the dark is beyond death's reach. To which Ayumi responds, "We'll just see about that".

For this final battle only light spells will work on Dark Jay. The best method is to use the Lightform to match his speed, then hit him with Ray of Light. His main means of attack are darkballs or at times ground spikes. Try not to physically hit Dark Jay, as he'll freeze Ayumi and use a more powerful attack while in her frozen state. Although there are various statues all around the hall, it's best to just leave them be. He will stay close behind Ayumi using any attack at his disposal, and this can be quite draining on Ayumi's Health Scale. So just go with an all out attack immediately at the start of the level. Continue this until he is defeated and the level complete. How the game was played will determine which ending will play.