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Hair glitch[edit]

At various instances, preferably when the game is left paused for long periods of time, Ayumi's ponytails will extend from her scalp in a stick-like fashion. To fix this, the player can invoke a Fire Rage spell during battle, as the camera quickly cuts to a closeup of Ayumi's face.

Bizarre jumping[edit]

Enemies like Pangos and Pangolins appear to not posses a proper jump animation and so when they run into an obstacle like a rock or a wall, they simply levitate while they are running. This makes them appear to run in midair.

Glowing eyes[edit]

In dark places Ayumi's body will naturally appear dark but her eyes will be visible. Giving the illusion that her eyes are glowing.

Falling off the map[edit]

Within part of the demo for the game, there areas with access to parts of the map that were not intend to be accessed by the developers. In The Ruins I where the tutorial instructs on jumping, players can use the first platform to jump to section of the neighboring wall that has vegetation and walk of the top, causing Ayumi to descend several stories to her death. The other is The Sun Temple. Players can use some of the columns as stepping stones to reach the top of the wall and drop down to the other side. Unlike the ruins, there is an invisible platform that extends for several feet before once again falling several stories to their death. Also while in midair, the player can still use their weapons before dying.