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At the starting point take time out to take care of the any antiquities up against the wall and the fence as you won't be able to backtrack to this spot after advancing forward. Now head for the stone gazebo leading to the stairs and watch the scene unfold.

Ayumi enters into an in closed gazebo section of the walkway leading to the stairs. Suddenly the gates close, imprisoning her. Revealing it to really be an elaborate cage. She runs to the exit trying to get out before that closes - but too late. She tries shaking the bars of the gate to no avail. That's when she sees the booby trap, several metal spikes raise from floor with more raise closer and closer to her position.

This is simply an exercise requiring Ayumi, receive enough injuries to advance. This can be rather slow if Ayumi is wearing either the regeneration or the armored costume since they add protection. The spikes will raise in timed grouped patterns. So it's best to avoid getting hit too many times, for if not careful Ayumi can still die. So hopping in opposite spots will help limit many of the hits. So letting the spikes hack away is not wise. However there are some instances that the spikes are unavoidable. Just keep hopping around with little damage until Ayumi's health scale it at half - completing the exercise.

As more and more spikes appear filling the room, Ayumi continues to try and break free. On the lower level, Jay - a light magic adept, hear the commotion and races up the steps to help. He tries pulling and lifting to no avail. So he uses his magic on the gate causing a large section to glow brightly. He pulls with all his might, and finally manages to rip the section out. Ayumi then quickly somersaults out of the cage to the floor below. Jay then approaches Ayumi to see if she's okay which she confirms. She then ask what was that he used to save her. He explains that what she saw was light magic and states that there is said to be a power artifact that hold the light power somewhere in the area. Hearing this Ayumi suggests that this might what she needs to lift her curse, and Jay offers to try and lift the curse himself. He takes out some magic from his pouch and blows it to Ayumi. In her presence, the magic materializes as flower petals that begin to glow a bright purple, and her eyes and tattoos quickly follow suit. This cause Ayumi writhe with pain, falling to her knees hugging herself and imploring Jay to runaway. Jay wastes no words and promptly flees.

This battles begins with Ayumi's second curse explosion that spawn several Phantoms and Pangos. Begin by going after the green crystals to replenish the health scale. Then start hacking away at the Pangos to build rage and shooting Phantoms to prevent their pentalpha. A quicker way to build rage is the red crystal in center. When rage is up use Earthquake on the Pangos. The main target will be the Phantoms connected to the curse flying above as the Pangos will just re-spawn after death. These Phantoms also have glowing red marks and will try to come in low for physical attacks, this makes them easy to strike by blade. Continue to take out the curse's Phantoms until the monster scale is depleted. The finish off the remaining monsters to complete the level.

Now go around and collect any item left over. There is a ruby artifact piece located under the booby trap. Collect this to complete the first ruby artifact unlocking Ayumi's "Airstrike Upgrade Level 1". Under the Platform on the adjacent side will be the third gold artifact piece. Collecting this will unlock Ayumi's "Melee Upgrade Level 1". When all is done head for the exit to complete the area.