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The first of The Sky Islands that has Ayumi making a short run up a stormy mountain side. A very lush exotic picturesque place to visit, but there no time to enjoy the sights.

When the level begins, Ayumi will be greeted by a gang of Phantoms. Takes these out and bust up the statues, while careful not to walk off the walkway, and head up stairs. About little ways up another gang of Phantoms will be waiting. Take these out and continue upwards where there will be a stairwell on the right. Head past this to find a soul ruby. Head up the stairwell where on the second and third platue there will be fire wielding Pangolin sorcerer waiting. One on the second platue, and two on third. Killing these three will spawn three more, with the third on the next floor. Kill these three and two more will appear in their place back on the second platue. Kill these last two and head back up to the next floor where a Six-Winged will be waiting. Kill it with either bullets or a fireball to complete the level.