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From the start, hop across the first two floating island to reach the arena on the third. Here, a group of Phantoms will appear. Take these out and head forward for the steps where a group of Phantoms and Six-Wingeds will appear. This fight can become taxing, so it best not to take on the group all at once. Lure a few Phantoms back the arena and to fight them and try to snipe as many of the Six-Wingeds from a far. If health become too low, bide some time for it to return. When they are take care of head forward down to the lower island and immediately fireballs from a pair of Pangolin Sorcerers will try to hit Ayumi from the spiral stairwell on the next island. Take cover behind a column to build up some rage, and then give the a taste of their own medicine. When the coast is clear head across to the next island and head up the aforementioned stairwell. Once up on the second floor of this island, a group of Phantoms will come down from the third floor. Continue upward to take out this group and complete the level. From this point, cross two more small islands to reach the exit.