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It turns out that exit taken from "The Dark Temple" leads back to "The Abandoned Coast". At the start, several Fire Elementals and Tri-Krebs will appear. Since the Monster Scale corresponds to the Tri-Krebs, make use of Wide Shot and start with them. Once they are taken care of, a group of Pangolin Warriors will appear. After the Elementals are taken care of, the only thing left will be the Pangolins which are now plentiful. Just as the they are finished off, a group of Phantoms will appear. Take the Phantoms out and two Spiders will appear with violet ray blasts. Take them out to complete the level. Go around and collect any items left over. In the gazebo on the left, there is a Silver ArtifactX-Blades Silver Trophy.png and in the right gazebo is a Gold ArtifactX-Blades Gold Trophy.png. Collect these and head for the next area.