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Head forward on the bridge where a Fire Elemental will appear. This creature is like the Ice Elemental – in terms of attacks, it will use kamikaze attacks. The best method here is the same, only instead use Ice Arrows on the Elemental. When it is killed, another one will take its place. Once the Elementals are finished off, a group of Phantoms will appear. Take them out and another Fire Elemental will appear. It is very important to be careful running by the Fire Elementals here, as their flames can easily take up a whole screen, making it very easy to walk off the bridge as Ayumi can simply step over the railings. Also try and steer clear of the sharp plants over the railing at the start and end of the area, as they can kill instantly. After the second wave of Elementals are taken care of, gather what items are left and continue to the exit.