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Ayumi enters the temple to see Jay and The Dark battling, when suddenly The Dark shoots his talons. One of the talons skewers Jay in the abdomen pinning him to a pillar. The Dark then sets his sights on Ayumi, causing the dark power to build within her. The Dark then proclaims "After centuries of tortured waiting, my power will be returned to me. And who helped me? A wretched human." But Ayumi won't stand for this. When she regains her composure, she takes out her blades and faces The Dark to do battle.

The Dark starts by creating several Pangolin Sorcerers, who he connects to magically for protection. It would be wise to start moving, as The Dark will attack with darkballs and the sorcerers will attack with fireballs. The Dark won't leave from the center of the room at this point, so take advantage of the moment to go around the temple collecting all the items, to get that out of the way. Now start on the sorcerers to break The Dark defense, being careful to avoid his blasts. When the sorcerers are finished off, The Dark will attack with a couple of swipes then rebuild his defense with more Pangolin Sorcerers. So it is wise to dodge and get a good fireball in. With the second set he will limit the amount he creates to four, the third he will limit himself to two, until he leaves himself wide open as he is preparing to attack with a chasing dark spell. If the spell hits and the Health Scale is only half full, then Ayumi dies. So be sure to have a full scale when it hits, as the spell will continue to follow until it has hit its target. After this, The Dark changes his strategy and creates several Pangolin Warriors who go after Ayumi, and he will resume his darkball attacks. If Ayumi tries to approach The Dark, he pounds the ground causing a dark shockwave that will cause damage. So use fireball from afar. An Ice Arrow can temporally freeze him. Continue this method until The Dark is defeated.

Note that Ice Arrow will damage The Dark, so an alternative is to freeze him initially and then attack with Ice Arrow in volleys of two (the first attack will unfreeze him). This will leave The Dark almost perpetually frozen. When the rage meter is empty, break a crystal to recharge. Repeat until The Dark runs out of health.