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Ayumi manages to defeat The Dark, causing the talon holding Jay up to disappear and him to fall to floor injured, but okay. Ayumi approaches the orb and touches it, releasing the light magic. Suddenly Ayumi loses consciousness and find herself in the same white void as before. Only now she is accompanied by The Light, who instructs her to "wake up". When she comes to, she finds that the curse is gone. But Jay is is furious, stating that although she got rid of the dark power, the power "didn't just disappear with the wind". Ayumi tries to reassure him, but Jay runs off stating that she will be damned. As he leaves, the temple begins to crumble.

This one is simple, quickly go around and collect every item available, but try to keep moving, as the entire ceiling is collapsing and falling debris can cause damage. So time is a factor even though there is no clock. The two only sarcophagi in the room each contain a Phantom – kill them quickly, then head for the exit. Note, the work here is optional, as the exit will be open from the start.