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Upon arriving, Ayumi finds Jay in mid-battle with The Dark. Jay demands that Ayumi stay out of the fight, but The Dark senses his power inside of her and soon focuses his attention on both Jay and Ayumi. Forcing them to team-up.

This battle is much like the battle with The Light. However, unlike The Light, The Dark will summon a group of Pangolin Warriors who, along with The Dark, will follow Ayumi and attack her. For every Pangolin that Ayumi kills, another will spawn in it's place. So it best to stay on the move around the arena. Unfortunately, fireball will not have any real effect on The Dark, as he will reflect them back at Ayumi. So the best attack would be to use earthquake. To keep the rage meter up either kill some Pangolins and take advantage of the re-spawning rage crystal in the center of the arena, but try not to let The Dark and the Pangolins gang up as it will be troublesome to try and break away. Jay will also offer some help, as he will try to use physical and magic attacks. Fortunately if Jay is caught in a group with Ayumi there is no trouble of hurting him as all attacks do not phase him. Continue to use this method until The Dark's monster scale in depleted.

With The Dark weakened, Ayumi runs up to The Dark and gives him a swift kick to the face. Seeing as he is out classed, The Dark uses a shockwave spell as a distraction for him to flee. Jay see this as an opportunity to boast, which Ayumi rolls her eyes at. Yet, Jay is far from finished with his quest, and so he runs after The Dark.

This will complete the level. Go around and break the items available. The two adjacent sarcophagi each containing a silver and gold artifact. Once done head for the next area.