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In this outing, a Depressor will appear in the center of the arena followed by several Pangolin Warriors. The Depressor will walk around in circles until it spots Ayumi, then it will stop, point its machine gun turret arms at Ayumi and fire a few rounds and resume walking when Ayumi is out it sight. The only forms of attack that are effective against the robot, are lighting-based attacks. The best are either Lightning or Lightning Range, with Lightning Range being best of the two. When used, Lightning Range will damage by ricocheting from monster to monster. When all the available Pangolins are killed, a group of Spiders will take their place. Ironically, these Spiders are a little more harsh than previous Spiders, as these will shoot violet rays at Ayumi.

Continue using the same method as before to kill the Spiders and add more damage to the Depressor. When the Spiders are all dead, another group of Pangolin Warriors will appear to start the cycle all over. Continue this method until the Depressor is destroyed. Now go around and collect all available items. In the left sarcophagus is a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png which, if collecting, will unlock Ayumi's "Melee Upgrade Level 3". In the right sarcophagus is a Silver Artifact pieceX-Blades Silver Trophy.png which, if collecting, will unlock Ayumi's "Shooting Upgrade Level 3". Collect these and head for the exit.