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When starting, monsters can be heard materializing from outside. Head outside to do battle with a small group of Pangos, Pangolin Warriors, and Tri-Krebs. Deplete the Monster Scale, and the forcefield will be lifted. Kill any leftover monsters and the next room's group of monsters, Phantoms, will appear. There are two Monster Generators on the other side, so for now, don't worry about them. Just go around the current to collect the five Soul Diamonds and bust up the couple of vases, then head into the next room. This room is divided into three parts by a group of columns, all parts free to explore. Upon entering, there will be a large stone statue in front. Break it open for the Silver Artifact pieceX-Blades Silver Trophy.png and collect the three Soul Diamonds.

Behind the freshly destroyed statue is the exit, which is blocked by a forcefield. So either go left or right. Either side will have nine Soul Diamonds, some pottery, and a Monster Generator. Take out the generator and the path will become blocked by a forcefield and more Phantoms will appear. Kill these, and a group of Pangos, Pangolin Warriors, and Spiders will appear. Kill these monsters and the forcefield will be lifted. Go and do the same at the other half to lift the forcefield to the exit, or leave both generators alone and kill the endless wave of Phantoms for more souls as this is another perfect place to rack up more souls. There are twice as many Phantoms here, and they don't execute the pentagram attack. The player is guaranteed at least 14,000,000 souls upon completion. Once the monsters and generators are taken care of, grab the aforementioned items, if not already obtained, and head for the exit.