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Here there are two doorways, one on the left on screen and one on the right. Both of them are blocked by dark magic force fields. Immediately from the start monsters and Monster scale will appear, which are made up of mostly Pangolin Warriors and a sole fire-wielding Pangolin Sorcerer that will reappear each time it's defeated, but the scale here corresponds to the warriors, so killing them is the key. Yet it is wise to stay near the sorcerer to deter him from using his magic – like the saying goes "...keep your enemies closer". Located behind the Pangolin Sorcerer is a statue that contains a Silver Artifact pieceX-Blades Silver Trophy.png. Once the monsters are finished off, the doorway on the right becomes available. Grab what items are left and enter this door to go to the "Observation Site". If this is a second trip, then the door on the left will be automatically open at the start along with the right door. If the player chooses, they can stay and re-battle the monsters for more souls or immediately exit to continue to "The Death Arena".