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The fight between Ayumi and The Dark comes to a head with The Dark falling to his knees. Out of nowhere loud banging coming from the other side of the castle doors catches their attention. Suddenly a group of fireballs bursts through the doors and reveals the culprit, Jay, possessed by the dark magic. He leaps up in the air and lands in center court slamming the ground with his hand creating a shockwave that causes The Dark to stumble. Dark Jay then runs over to The Dark and leaps on top of his shoulders, striking him with several spikes that emanate from the ground. The Dark collapses and the rest of his power is then transferred to Dark Jay, making him all-powerful. With The Dark out the way, Dark Jay now sets his eyes on Ayumi, who has her blades ready.

As the level gets underway, Dark Jay will summon several Phantoms as decoys, but first go around and collect the items in the area while avoiding the Phantoms and darkballs. As before, there is a Soul Diamond behind Ayumi, five on the circular landing, one on each stairwell, one apiece at the foot of both stairwells, and one on both sides of the ceremonial court. On the right balcony from where Ayumi is standing at the start, is a Ruby Artifact pieceX-Blades Platinum Trophy.png, and on the left balcony is a Soul Ruby. From there, drop down and head under the stairwell to obtain a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png. While down there, make it a point to bust up all the pots and vases for more souls. Now head back upstairs and bust the two cat statues.

Dark Jay will attack with darkballs like The Dark. He is impervious to physical attacks, yet he will freeze Ayumi if struck. For this battle, light magic will have to be used, with Ray of Light as the best option. Use Ray of Light in any direction and the spell will automatically hit a Phantom, just like with the Spider Queen's insects earlier. Finish off the Phantoms and Dark Jay will be vulnerable to attacks, so hit with a flurry of Ray of Light spells. After a while he will create more Phantoms to raise his guard. Continue this until he is defeated.

Ayumi backhands Dark Jay knocking him to the ground. She asks him where his light magic is and he replies that the dark is stronger than the light. Then he retreats into the castle. With Dark Jay defeated, grab all the aforementioned items, if not already obtained, and head for the castle.