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For this area the rumbling poses no threat to Ayumi. Follow the hall all the way to the opening where the path is blocked by forcefield. Here, a group of Pangos will appear. Take them out and the path will clear. Head down the flight of broken stairs around the bend where the path parts and the left side becomes blocked by a forcefield. Head to the right and the path behind will also become blocked by another forcefield. Here in this room there is a Ruby Artifact pieceX-Blades Platinum Trophy.png, so collect it to unlock, if the other two pieces are in possession, Ayumi's "Airstrike Upgrade Level 2" and battle the gang of Pangos. Defeat them and the forcefield on the left disappears. Head to the next room where another group of Pangos are waiting. Defeat this group and the level will be complete. Now collect the leftover items and head down the next flight of steps where the exit is on the left.