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Head forward where a soul crystal and a discount scroll awaits and immediately the two paths on the on the left and right will become blocked by a barrier and a group of Pangos and Phantoms will appear. Take these out to remove the barrier and break up the sarcophagi and items for more souls. Beware, a couple of the sarcophagi have a single Phantom inside.

Head left to walk out into an open courtyard which has another soul crystal waiting. Once there, the door that thev player came through with immediately be block by a barrier and a group of Phantoms, Pangos, and Pangolin Warriors will appear. This group will have a monster scale that must be depleted. Focus attention to the Phantoms as they will keep re-spawning the other monsters. Once they are all dead and the barrier is lifted, break all pottery, statues, and sarcophagi for their contents. Like before some of the sarcophagi contain Phantoms. Now head back inside and enter the next room.

From the distance another barrier can be seen blocking a door to The Great Rift. This door will be used later on return trip. When entering this room, the door will also become blocked and another group of Phantoms and Pangolin Warriors that are accented with monster scale will appear. Like before, focus on the Phantoms to deplete the scale and lift the other two barriers.

Now head left into the next room into an open path that where the final exit is located, which is block by another barrier. Once entered the door leading back will become blocked by the last barrier and a group of Phantoms, Pangos, and Tri-Kribs will appear. Deplete this last monster scale to lift all the remaining barriers and the level will be complete. On the platform to the left, there is a ruby artifact piece.

Now, if the player can choose two paths to take. Either go forward to The Stone Alley, or backtrack and take the door to The Great Rift and the Sky Islands, if available.