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Move forward down the hallway and exit outside where there are several Monster Generators posted in various places. Created from these generators are Phantoms, Pangos, and Pangolin Warriors. Go ahead and take out the generators or just fight the waves of monsters for souls. When two generators are destroyed, four Pangolin Sorcerers appear – one on the second floor and three on the top floor. These Pangolin Sorcerers are endowed with special armor that make them impervious to basic attacks, so it would be best to use a magic blade spell like Lightning Blades against them. Finish of the generators while being careful to avoid the Sorcerers' fireballs. Once they are taken care of, focus on the Pangolin Sorcerers. If health is low, do a few laps around the first and second floors to buy some time to heal. Once they are all taken care of, head around and collect any items that might still be around and go into the second floor room, where there is a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png. Now head for the doorway on the walkway to exit.