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Head down the hallway all the way outside. Immediately, the doorway will become blocked. Ten Monster Generators will appear and the area will become infested with Phantoms, Pangos, Pangolin Warriors and Pangolin Sorcerers. So head up the two flights of steps where there will be a Monster Generator. Take it out and head for the hall on this floor beside the steps leading to the next floor. There will be another generator at the end, then head up to the next floor. On this floor there is another generator on the right next to some boxes. Take out this one and head left on the path beside the steps where there is a generator at the end. Take it out and jump across the steps where there is another generator next to the doorway to the room. Go round the right of the doorway where there is another generator wedged between the walls. Destroy this one and head inside the room where there is a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png and another generator. Grab the piece, destroy the generator, and head up to the next floor. On the main platform between two columns, there is the next generator and beside the column on the far right of the stairs and under the next flight of stairs is another one. Take them out and head up the next flight of stairs where, in midair beside the walkway, is the last generator. Take it out and kill the remaining monsters.

Now begin focusing on the four Pangolin Sorcerers. Like before, the Sorcerers will be covered with a special armor that protects them from physical attacks, but this time they can teleport to another area when approached like the Spiders in "The Stone Alley (evening)". So it's best to freeze them from afar with the Ice Arrow, then hit them with a Fireball spell. Keep in mind that striking them with this, or any other spell, will ricochet the attack back at Ayumi. Kill them and the level will be complete. Now go around and collect the leftover items. There is a Soul Ruby on the top of the curved set of columns next to the first flight of stairs. Grab it and head for the exit.

This is another perfect place to rack up an Impossible combo rank which is need to earn the "Counter Impossible" trophy/achievement. To do this, the player must have one of the Pangolin Sorcerers frozen, with either all frozen or all but one dead. The best is one frozen one on the main platform. Now, head over to a frozen Pangolin and start hacking away. The best Pangolin is the one on the center plateau, as it is easy to push while striking or walking into it. As the ice doesn't break, they can be repeatedly struck without taking damage and the hit counter will continuously build without end, thus reaching the 150 Impossible hit combo.