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Ayumi finally arrives at the temple where she sees the artifact - a clear orb with several gyro like mechanisms revolving inside itself siting on top of a pedestal. Joyed by her success, Ayumi runs over to collect her prize, but just as she approaches by the Light demands her to stop. The Light proclaims that no one is to touch the artifact and demands to know how she has managed to get to this point and how whoever told her was able to live to tell the tail. He explains that the power the artifact holds is life threatening to any human and insists that she leaves. This, merely intimidates Ayumi and she states that she has traveled far and she will not leave. She then lunges towards the pedestal and touches the artifact. The artifact flashes, electricity arcs, and a black ooze begins manifest. Some of which cling to Ayumi's hand as she pulls back in a mix of shock and confusion. Suddenly she is pull upward into vortex that explodes in a bright flash of light. When the light dies down, Ayumi is seen lying next to the pedestal. As she struggles to get to her feet, the Light states that now he must kill her.

The battle begins with the Light summoning several Pangos all around. Do not try to attack the Light physically, as his godlike status makes him immune to such attacks and he will try and swipe Ayumi with his claws. So magic is the only option. From the starting point, head for the red crystal located behind the Light to replenish the rage scale. Remember to stay on the run as the gang of Pangos the Light summons, will be in hot pursuit along with the Light who will be galloping round Ayumi from afar taking swipes and using his Fireball spell when close. When the rage scale at maximum, begin to focus attacks on the Light. According to the tutorial's message, is to use the Fireball spell and the lock targeting with L1 button. The only real tactical option at this point, is to use Fireball from midair. As standing will cause Ayumi to become surrounded by Pangos. If the Pangos end up becoming too much, just use Earthquake. As the Light will produce more in their place, this becomes the perfect to collect souls or keep the rage scale filled when the crystals are temporarily exhausted. As building manually with L3 button leaves the player wide open for either the Pangos or the Light's attacks. If health becomes a problem, just use the green crystal located on the opposite side of the red crystal. Just keep hitting him with Fireballs until his scale is depleted thus defeating him.

Around the temple there are several statues good for souls and and seven intricately placed soul crystals on both sides of the temple. It is important to get these out of the way, as when the Light is defeated, the player won't be able to collect these.