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Ayumi uses Ray of Light on a Pangolin Sorcerer.

When the level starts, three dark magic-wielding Pangolin Sorcerers will appear out in various spots on the main floor. Approach them and they will teleport to different spots. The best method for them is the Ray of Light spell. One shot will kill them. When they die, a group of Pangos will appear and three more Pangolin Sorcerers will appear in three random spots. This time a Monster Scale will appear corresponding to the sorcerers. Continue using Ray of light on the sorcerers while taking out the Pangos with any attack until the scale is depleted. Head out into room and turn to the right to see a sorcerer on the middle of the stairway going up to the next floor. Take him out and kill the remaining Pangos to complete the level.

Now go around and collect the items. On the main floor there are four Soul Diamonds. On the upper floor, there are six Soul Diamonds, two of which are inside two sarcophagi, and a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png is inside the middle sarcophagus on the right. On the balcony, there is a Soul Ruby. Grab that and head for the exit.