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This is the basic moves for all consoles and the N-Gage.

GameCube PlayStation 2 Xbox N-Gage Controls
Neutral control Neutral lstick Move
Neutral cstick Neutral rstick Move camera
L button L1 button Call allies
R button R1 button Superpower selector
A button Cross button Punch Attack
B button Square button Smash Attack
X button Circle button Use item/Pickup item/Throw enemy
Neutral control+X button Neutral lstick+Circle button Throw enemy in direction pushed
Y button Triangle button Jump, special (when you double-tap the button)
X button+Z button L2 button Use energy pack
Z button R2 button Use health pack
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Change superheroes

These are advanced moves that you need depending on the character that you choose. The combos can take out enemies who were vulnerable to certain moves.

GameCube PlayStation 2 Xbox N-Gage Controls
R button+A button R1 button+Cross button Mutant Power 1
R button+B button R1 button+Square button Mutant Power 2
R button+X button R1 button+Circle button Mutant Power 3
R button+Y button R1 button+Triangle button Xtreme Power
A buttonA buttonA button Cross buttonCross buttonCross button Triple Hit
B buttonB button Square buttonSquare button Knockback
A buttonA buttonB button Cross buttonCross buttonSquare button Pop-up
A buttonB buttonA button Cross buttonSquare buttonCross button Trip
B buttonA buttonB buttonB button Square buttonCross buttonSquare buttonSquare button Stun

Special notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you are new to this game, you can experiment with any mutants depending on the progress of the game.
  • Collect as many items as you can so when you sell them, you can buy more things that maybe expensive at first that might help your through the game.
  • Be mindful of the experience meter. Be ready to upgrade your mutant as it will help ease the challenge during your progress.
  • Use health pack wisely. You don't want to come up short when facing a boss. Same with energy packs.
  • If you're playing alone, you can set how your AI behaves during the game. The most recommended is that your AI should be normal and the AI should use health packs when it's below 40%.
  • Both Magma and Wolverine should be used the most throughout the story. Wolverine is the only one with the health regeneration and Magma should have the best attacks in the game.