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Xbox PlayStation 2 N-Gage PSP GameCube Windows Action
Back button Start button Character selection
Neutral lstick Neutral control Move character
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Select hero
Neutral rstick Neutral cstick Camera control. Up and down changes the zoom setting.
LT button L button Call allies
RT button R button Superpower selector
Black button Z button Use health pack
A button A button Punch Attack
X button B button Smash Attack
B button X button Use/Pick Up/Throw. Use with control stick to throw an enemy.
Y button Y button Jump/Special. Double-tap to activate ice slide and flying mechanic.
White button X button+Z button Use energy pack


Xbox PlayStation 2 N-Gage PSP GameCube Windows Action
A buttonA buttonA button A buttonA buttonA button Triple Hit
A buttonX buttonX buttonX button A buttonB buttonB buttonB button Knockback
A buttonA buttonX button A buttonA buttonB button Pop-up
A buttonX buttonA button A buttonB buttonA button Trip
X buttonA buttonX buttonX button B buttonA buttonB buttonB button Stun


Xbox PlayStation 2 N-Gage PSP GameCube Windows Action
Hold RT button+Y button Hold R button + Y button Xtremepower
Hold RT button+X button Hold R button + A button Superpower 2
Hold RT button+A button Hold R button + B button Superpower 1
Hold RT button+B button Hold R button + X button Boost