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X-Men Legends II contains expanded versions of the gameplay features from the original X-Men Legends, with several notable additions:

  • Online multiplayer modes.
  • New characters are playable, including characters from the X-Men and the Brotherhood.
  • New powers and abilities are available for all characters, and the player can switch between more than 4 mutant powers at once.
  • After beating the game, the player could start a new game with their old stats.

Several characters from the first X-Men Legends were dropped from the roster of playable characters in the sequel: Jubilee, Magma (despite her being the main character of the first game), and Psylocke do not appear in X-Men Legends II, and Beast and Emma Frost appear but are not playable. A boss from the first game, Avalanche, also did not get mentioned in this game.


  • Master basic combat. Enemies that have weakness to certain moves will be defeated easily if you use the right combo moves.
  • Use health packs wisely. Your supply of packs will run out if you use it far too early.
  • Use basic power wisely. Be mindful that you won't be able to use the energy power unless you have an energy pack.
  • Buy and sell essentials. Do not keep items which you will not use. Also lower the amount of packs you need because you'll be picking up a lot of items during the missions.
  • Use up the stats points and equip the best gear you have available. This will help save your team and yourself from dying. Everyone’s qualities need to be enhanced in order to survive the duration of the journey. If you want to save yourself some time, choose anyone in your team and choose the auto-trait, auto-skills and auto-equip so you can go through the game uninterrupted.
  • Balance your team's strengths and weaknesses by working together. It will be best to workout the strengths and weaknesses for each character and also when you choose a person, you should know how to bring the best out of it. You should never mess around with them because it could play into an enemies’ hands and can ruin your chance.