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What do I need to get started?[edit]

X-Plane 8 requires at least a multimedia personal computer with a 3-D accelerator video card that supports OpenGL and a DVD-ROM drive. A joystick with a z-axis or rudder pedals is highly recommended. The PC can be Linux, Mac or Windows Operating Systems. Multiplayer Internet flying, online updates, freeware and plugin downloads require a broadband connection.
Note: Minimum PC hardware specifications change constantly. Refer to the X-Plane website for latest version information.

Why is the airport floating over water?[edit]

The scenery for that area is not installed. When that happens only airports, navaids and default sea level water will display. Install the scenery files for the area you are located in.
Note: Two scenery formats - v7 & v8 are available at time of this writing. Version 8 world is available on 6 dual-layer DVDs, totaling about 60GB.

Where can I obtain version 7 scenery?[edit]

X-Plane Global Scenery Project or purchase of CD/DVD.
SRTM Scenery is an alternative.

When will version 8 scenery be complete?[edit]

UPDATE Dec 5 2005: Version 8 Scenery is available. is the information source for v8 scenery.

Why can't I see anything? It's all grey![edit]

Your computer specs are too low. Try turning down most of the rendering options.

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