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Access to the Menus in X-Plane is by mousing over the top of the screen making the Menu bar appear.


This menu item will show the current X-Plane version available from Laminar Research and compare it to the installed version.


Open Aircraft[edit]

This menu option allows for opening an aircraft to the location your are currently positioned on, in the x plane world. Selecting this menu brings up the open/save (Aircraft) dialogue, while automatically pausing the sim.

The dialogue shows 4 main views/controls :

  • A tree view of the aircraft folder on the upper hand which can be used as a visual reference.
  • A pull down ( combo) control on the top for navigating the folders.
  • A List box control listing the contents of the currently open folder.
  • A cancel button to exit the dialogue at any point in time.

The pull down will list hierarchically (top most folder first) . Selecting any folder will open up that folder's contents in the list box control. Double clicking a sub folder in the list box will open up its inner contents and updates the tree view as well as the combo control. Navigate down to an aircraft's folder and click on the file with an "acf" extension to open the aircraft into the sim world.

The aircraft folders in X plane is organised in the fashion as mentioned below

The Root folder >> The Main Category folder >> <Specific aircraft's> folder

The root folder is always "Aircraft"

The following are the Main category folders :

  • Airships,
  • Austin's Designs,
  • Fighters,
  • General Aviation,
  • Gliders,
  • Heavy Metal,
  • Mars Planes,
  • Mega-Planes!,
  • Radio Control,
  • Science Fiction,
  • Seaplanes,
  • Space Ships,
  • VTOL,
  • X-Planes

Save Situation[edit]

Load Situation[edit]

Save Situation Movie[edit]

Load Situation Movie[edit]





VFR Final[edit]

ILS Final[edit]

Over VOR[edit]

Place Aircraft by Airport[edit]

Special Take-off[edit]

Special In-Flight[edit]

Special Approach[edit]

Get Me Lost[edit]

Set Planet to Earth[edit]

Set Planet to Mars[edit]


Data Input & Output[edit]


Date & Time[edit]

Weight & Balance & Fuel[edit]

System Failures[edit]

Other Aircraft & Situations[edit]

Quick-Flight Setup[edit]


Rendering Options[edit]

Quicktime Movie Options[edit]

Flight Data Recorder Files[edit]

Joystick & Equipment[edit]

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Local Maps[edit]

Planet Map[edit]

Instructor Console[edit]



This Menu shows all the views available and toggles for effects along with the associated keypress.




Any plugins that have been installed and configured properly will appear here as menu items.

Each plugin will have its own documentation and reference.