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  1. Make sure joystick/pedals are installed
  2. Install X-Plane by DVD
  3. Install Scenery (optional - US scenery is installed by default)
  4. Start X-Plane
  5. Go to Settings - Joystick & Equipment Menu
    1. Move each axis along its full throw and set according to function
  6. Hit upper right hand X to close menu. This saves your settings
  7. X-Plane will have a default flight ready to go.
  8. Hit "A" key for external view. Use "-" key to zoom out. Verify control settings. Some axes may need to be reversed in the Joystick & Equipment Menu
  9. Hit "W" for forward view.
  10. You are now set up for your first flight. You know what to do next.

Note - Linux users may get an error associated with OpenAL such as 'undefined reference to alutInit'. This is due to changes in OpenAL which cause compatibility issues. To fix this, start X-Plane with the following command: "LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/" ./X-Plane-arch" where 'arch' is your system architecture, eg 'i586'.