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Lore Lord
Lore Lord
Found and translated all tabulae and memoirs.

Tabulae and memoirs are found in chests and can be given to Char to translate. After she is done translating, you can read them. Reading the Tabulae will reward Exp in increasing increments of 10 and Char will give a packed lunch.


Name Location
To the Inheritors of History
The Chosen Ones
When the Rain Falls
The Unblessed Bride
Where the Star Shines
The Princess Ne'er Returning
Of History and Spirits Eternal Maze B1F: In the room after Scoltula, melt the ice on the left side.
The Four Royal Crowns Eaglet Mountain Outside: In the area with many Poison Slimes, break the cracked wall with the Gauntlet.
Sacred Sword and Maiden
The Seven Wise Sages
The Black Bride
The Architect of Disaster


Name Location
Herdsman's Moon 23rd, 1210
Silverwolf's Moon 27th, 1210
Firehen's Moon 30th, 1211
Pegasus Moon 11th, 1211
Unicorn's Moon 7th, 1212 Clover Ruins: Behind the waterfall
Wild Rabbit's Moon 10th, 1212
Filial Crow's Moon 3rd, 1215
Demigod's Moon 14th, 1216
Demigod's Moon 15th, 1216
Demigod's Moon 17th, 1216
Demigod's Moon 19th, 1216
Hydra's Moon 16th, 1217