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Elma is one of the first characters you meet in the game. She is the leader of the Reclaimers division and said to be a skilled fighter and Skell pilot, but has a mysterious past known only to BLADE's higher-ups. Elma plays a key role in the main story of the game, being a required party member for every story mission.

When not in the party, Elma can usually be found and recruited in the BLADE Barracks, standing by the hologram table.

In battle[edit]

Elma is a conventional Full Metal Jaguar. As such, she has boosted accuracy and evasion, but falls quickly if enemies target her for too long. Elma's unique Battle Arts are Shadowstrike and Ghost Factory. Shadowstrike is a Dual Swords melee attack that staggers foes, and deals bonus damage from behind. Ghost Factory is a Dual Guns ability that grants the Decoy buff to her and her allies, letting the team evade a certain number of attacks in a row.

Affinity Missions[edit]

We Were Soldiers[edit]

  • Requirements: Chapter 3 cleared, Level 12 attained, 4 member limit, 1-heart affinity with Elma
  • Characters: Required - Elma and Lin; Restricted - Irina and Gwin
  • Reward: 10,000 credits, 170 exp, Distinguished Uniform, Shadowstrike art

Then and Now[edit]


Note that these events must be viewed in the order listed.

  • One-heart affinity: Find Elma near the elevator by the West Gate during the afternooon.
  • Two-heart affinity: Find Elma on the pathway north of the Water Purification Plant in NLA at night. Must have completed Nine Lives and have a pet cat in the barracks.
  • Three-heart affinity: Find Elma slightly south of the intersection near East Melville Street during the morning.
  • Four-heart affinity:
  • Five-heart affinity: