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Mountain Path[edit]

Head down the mountain path, and SAVE! You get to fight your first Gear battle!


Musha Mk100 x 2
Xenogears Musha MK100.gif

This isn't a hard battle since it's an introduction to Gear fights. Like regular battles, you can use Triangle button, Square button, and Cross button attacks, costing 10, 20 and 30 fuel respectively. You only get one attack per turn, though. You start with 1200 fuel, and you can use the Charge command to recharge 30 fuel. You can also turn on Booster for a Haste-like effect which drains a percentage of fuel every turn.

You have 1800 HP in your Gear, and they do about 80 damage per attack. Just use Cross button attacks until they die; should take 4 total. Booster is not necessary.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
150 - 180 100

Watch the scenes.