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Did you save and heal yet? Leave the room and head SOUTH. Time for another Boss battle!


Margie and Miang act as support in this battle, giving both sides advantages. On each turn, Miang will either restore 40 HP to Ramsus or remove status effects from him. Similarly, Margie will randomly heal 0-40 HP for Bart. Ramsus himself has two attacks: a physical combo for about 45 damage, and Mirror Stance, which sets himself up for a counterattack and has him evade all attacks. Attack him during this phase, and he'll counterattack for 150 damage.

Build up your Combo meter. If you have the Cobra Cracka equipped, you'll likely Poison Ramsus, which will make Miang focus on removing the Poison instead of healing him. When in Mirror Stance, use Wild Smile and Defense. Once you have 28 AP, unleash a series of Deathblows, which should kill him.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
400 - - -

Fei jumps in at the last second. Ramsus has a flashback, and you have to fight him again!

Ramsus II

Ramsus hasn't learned anything new, except that Miang will heal for 100 now. While he has double the HP, you have Fei to help you out now. Build both of their Combo meters and use Inner Healing and Wild Smile when in Mirror Stance. One series of Combos from both of them should do the trick.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
800 - - -

After the battle, head EAST down the corridor until you escape.