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  1. Aquasol
  2. Bird Egg
  3. Aquasol
  4. Spider
  • Jackal
  • Hobgob

Time for your first battles! If you ever get low on HP or EP, head back to the chief's house and rest in your room in the basement. The enemies here don't drop any G, but they will drop Hob-Jerky, which you can use outside of battle to heal your HP. Your platforming skills will be put to use in this section, so be prepared.

Head NORTHEAST from the save point to find a chest with an (1) Aquasol inside. Head WEST, and you should see the camera pan out to see the bridge. Head WEST some more until you see the NPC near the ledge. He'll tell you how to do a long jump, which you need to cross. Before you do so, walk toward the SOUTHEAST until you see a ledge halfway between the save point and your current height. There's a tree there; jump into it to get the (2) Bird Egg. Note that when you do so, the mother bird will start attacking you, taking off 1 HP every few seconds, until you reach Citan's house. This isn't a huge deal; just make sure your HP stays above 30.

Go back to the NPC and jump across the ledge. Go across the bridge and you should see a chest below it. Inside is an (3) Aquasol. Keep heading north, and there is a tree near on the NORTHWEST side of the signpost. Jump into it to receive a (4) Spider. Continue NORTH to Citan's house.