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The next two sections happen concurrently, with Fei in the Tournament and Bart in the waterways. The game will jump between the two depending on a few factors. After each round of the tournament, the scene will shift to Bart, who will have as much time in the waterway as Fei spent in battle. Thus, to maximize Bart's time in the waterway, stalling in battle is key. Also, the farther that Fei gets in the tournament, the fewer guards Bart has to face in the castle. While the game jumps between these two sections, this guide will not, presenting the Tournament first, and the waterway/castle section second.

Fatima Castle[edit]


  1. SuvivalTent
  2. Metal Vest
  3. Samson's Hair
  4. WeddingDress

Time for the Tournament. Head to Fatima Castle and talk to the guards blocking the gates to enter. Enter the participants' tent and talk to an old acquaintance. You win some useful items each battle SurvivalTent, Metal Vest, Samson's Hair, and the Wedding Dress from the begining of the game. Now time for Round 1!


Gonzalez has three attacks: a regular physical attack (~35 damage), a ground-pound attack (~20 damage), and a skill called "Can't take it anymore!" (~70 damage), which he only uses if you don't attack him. The slowest way to win is to build your Combo meter. Use a single Triangle button attack and then cancel with Circle button to build AP. Once you fill up the Combo meter (28 AP), unleash a Combo of Raijins, which should kill him. Use an Inner Healing or Aquasol to keep your HP up.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
400 SurvivalTent 500 -

After each battle, you'll get a chance to use the menu with Fei. Use an Omegasol if you need to restore EP. Round 2 pits you against Big Joe!

Big Joe

Big Joe is a crowd-pleaser, which unfortunately is part of his battle strategy. His only real attack is a one-two punch called "Grrreat!" and "And dynamic!", which only do 1-2 damage each. That said, the audience will participate in battle as well, throwing stuff at you for about 60 damage with "Joe's fans attack." Similarly, with "Joe's fans cheer support," they heal Big Joe for about 140 HP. Use a similar strategy as before, building the combo meter and unleashing damage when you need to. It's going to take two full Combos, though.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
912 Metal Vest 1 1

Heal again if you need to. If you've been using the strategies listed, the third round will start sometime when Bart's in the castle.


Scud's got an array of attacks, mostly coming from his supply of pills. He's got a physical attack (15 damage), a bee attack (30 damage), a Happy Pill (heals 200 HP), three Strange Pills (Poison, ATK down, or no effect), and three Strong Pills (ATK Up, Speed UP, or DEF Up for Scud). Overall, he can't do that much damage, and one Combo of Raijins with an Iron Valor should take care of him. Use a Physisol if he poisons you.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
350 Samson's Hair 500 -

Time for the semifinals! Unless your HP is really low, don't bother healing.


You can fight him, but you won't get the WeddingDress if you do. He'll come at you with various attacks primarily aimed at avenging his sister and brother-in-law. Some of them can be deadly (as much as 80 damage), so keep your HP above 100. Use Defense, and after a while, he'll flee, giving you his sister's WeddingDress.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
450 WeddingDress 500 5

Don't bother healing Fei at all. The finals approach!


All this guy does is evade your attacks. After a while, he'll flee, to the crowd's disappointment.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
??? - - -

Congratulations, you won the tournament!


Once you're in control of Bart, head out of the inn. Instead of going to the grate on the EAST side of town, notice that there's a grate near the hotel next to the Gear shop. This grate leads to more items in the waterways, so head there and enter.

Bledavik Waterways[edit]

  1. Gold Nugget
  2. Rosesol S
  3. SurvivalTent
  4. Aquasol S

Swimming isn't that hard, it's just like running. The rapids will occasionally push you back, but keep moving forward and you will be fine. As long as you're maximizing your battle time with Fei, you'll have plenty of time down here to explore. There are no enemies, either. It's easy to get disoriented in here, so keep your compass facing NORTH.

Assuming you went into the WEST grate (near the hotel), head NORTH until you see a rust-colored pipe. Climb it up to enter the aquarium of the restaurant. Open the chest for a (1) Gold Nugget. Keep going NORTH until you see a path heading to the SOUTHEAST. At the end of this path is a (2) Rosesol S. Head NORTH until you reach a fork. Go EAST. Keep heading against the current (to the NORTH) past the first intersection. At the second intersection, head SOUTHEAST. At the end of this long path, you will find a (3) SurvivalTent. Go back to the original fork (head NORTHWEST until you reach an intersection, then head SOUTH. Go WEST at the first intersection, and the next one will be said fork).

Head WEST. Head SOUTH at the first intersection and you will find an (4) Aquasol S. Head NORTH and you will eventually reach the Floodgate area. Talk to the old man for a scene, then head up the ladder.

Fatima Castle[edit]

  1. Cobra Cracka
  2. Iron Mail
  3. Iron Mail
  4. Iron Mail
  5. Iron Mail
  6. Hob-Jerky
  7. Hob-Jerky
  8. Hob-Meat
  9. Rosesol S
  10. Aquasol S
  • Aveh Guard (Type 1)
  • Aveh Guard (Type 2)

Assuming that the tournament is still going on, there shouldn't be too many guards in the area. Go SOUTH until you reach the outer hallway, then follow it EAST. In the SOUTHEAST most room (the first one you should see), there's a (1) Cobra Cracka inside, which is a weapon for Bart that can inflict Poison on the enemies. Heading NORTH, skip the next room and enter the third where you will find four suits of armor. Examine them for four suits of (2)-(5) Iron Mail. Head to the WEST side to the SOUTHWEST most door to find the kitchen. There are three pieces of hanging meat; jump and grab them for two (6), (7) Hob-Jerky and one (8) Hob-Meat. Leave this room and head SOUTH into the castle.

Take the stairs up to the balcony. Take out the guards and head out the door to the NORTH. Now you're on the upper part of the courtyard. Head to the NORTHWEST most room for a (9) Rosesol S, and then to the NORTHEAST most room for a (10) Aquasol S. Go to the NORTH and enter the door on either side. Go upstairs one floor. There are two Aveh guards; take them out. The door to the EAST is where you want to go; there's a guard there as well. Inside, head NORTH and take out the guard. Margie is inside, as is a Save Point. Save and heal now.