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You control the Solvalou with the joystick. Press fire to fire upwards or bomb to bomb the ground. You must avoid contact with every aerial enemy and every enemy bullet. Fire at aerial enemies, and bomb ground based enemies. The more aggressive you are in the game, the more aggressive the enemies are with you. The Andor Genesis mothership will appear in certain stages. Bomb the core to destroy it before it runs away. Secret Sol towers and Special flags can be revealed by bombing the correct locations.


Xevious cpanel.png
  • Joystick: Use the joystick to pilot the Solvalou in any one of eight directions. The Solvalou scrolls forward across the ground automatically, but you can direct the Solvalou virtually everywhere but the very top of the visual screen.
  • Zapper button: The Solvalou has a double shot Zapper gun that destroys nearly every enemy in one shot. You can continue to fire multiple shots on to the screen at one time.
  • Bomb button: As the Solvalou flies over the ground, a reticle appears a short distance in front of the ship. When you tap the bomb button, the reticle brackets disappear and a stationary cross shows where the bomb will land.
  • 1 or 2 Players: Press these buttons to start a one or two player game.

The Solvalou[edit]

Xevious Solvalou.gif
  • Length: 9.81 m
  • Height: 3.52 m
  • Width: 6.73 m
  • Weight: 18,500 kg

You pilot the Solvalou, earth's only capable defense against the Xevious army. The Solvalou has two weapon systems, the air-to-air Zapper, and the air-to-ground bombs. It has an unlimited supply of either weapon. According to the Xevi language, "Sol" means the sun and "Valou" (or baru as it is pronounced in Japanese) means bird, so the Solvalou roughly translates to "Sun-bird".

Air enemies[edit]

Enemy Description
Xevious Toroid.gif Toroid: 30 points/Difficulty level 1-16
An enemy shaped like the coin that appears early in the game. It is easily destroyed with your zapper. Later on, it gains the ability to shoot.
Xevious Torkan.gif Torkan: 50 points/Difficulty level 32-64
A scout ship that comes in quickly from the top of the screen at different angles. It stops and fires one shot before the fuselage spins between the wings and retreats in the opposite direction.
Xevious Zoshi.gif Zoshi: 70~100 points
Slowly chasing your ship, they fly in an erratic pattern that is impossible to predict. They're not agile, but they can fire multiple shots and can approach your ship from behind.
Xevious Giddo Spario.gif Gido Spario: 10 points/Difficulty level 16-32
A bullet fired by the Xevious troops that can be destroyed by your Zapper. They appear in large quantity and move very quickly. According to the Xevi language, Gido means fast. There is a display glitch where when defeated a red square appears in their path.
Xevious Kapi.gif Kapi: 300 points/Difficulty level 66-82
This ship appears as a replacement to the Torkan. It zooms in quickly and hovers in place long enough to rapidly fire shots at you before evading and escaping.
Xevious Terrazi.gif Terrazi: 700 points/Difficulty level 114+
These ships fly in a similar pattern to the Kapi, but they can change course more quickly before releasing a deadly barrage of shots and speeding away from you just as quickly.
Xevious Jara.gif Jara: 150 points/Difficulty level 48-64
These spinning ships fly in a pattern similar to the Toroid. Because of their speed, they are very dangerous to attempt to intercept. These ships will fire shots at you.
Xevious Zakato.gif Zakato: 100~300 points/Difficulty level 48-98
Warping on to the screen, these flak bombs travel slowly down the screen in straight lines. If not quickly destroyed, they destruct and release a single shot in your direction. According to the Xevi language, Zakato means magic.
Xevious Brag Zakato.gif Brag Zakato: 600~1500 points
Similar in size to the Zakato with a red dot in the center. They warp in and release a fan of five shots at you. When more than one appears at a time, they can become very dangerous.
Xevious Garu Zakato.gif Garu Zakato: 1000/500 points
The biggest Zakato around, they can not warp like the others, but they approach quickly and release shots in every direction if not destroyed quickly.
Xevious Brag Spario.gif Brag Spario: 500 points
Among the eight shots that spread out from the Garu Zakato upon detonation, a group of these bullets escape as well and have limited homing capability. They can be shot down for extra points.
Xevious Sheonite.gif Sheonite
These defensive troops are indestructable. Two will appear (the Kiyapunaito and the Sepunaito) spinning around, until they home in on the position of your ship, where they meet and join together, and fly back to the top of the screen at a high speed.
Xevious Bacura.gif Bacura
These indestructable walls will continue spinning from the top of the screen to the bottom where they disappear. They serve as nothing more than a mindless obstacle, but they will interrupt your shots and prevent you from shooting beyond them.
Xevious Bragza.gif Bragza
The indestructable core of the Andor Genesis that escapes beyond your ship's firepower as soon as the mothership is defeated.

Ground enemies[edit]

Enemy Description
Xevious Bara.gif Bara: 100 points
These pyramids serve as energy storage stations for small regions. They have no built-in defenses.
Xevious Zolbak.gif Zolbak: 200 points
These are the radar installations for the Xevious troops, and contain sensitive threat detection equipment which feed your position to the enemy forces. When you destroy one, the enemy aggression is reduced, but at later stages, the enemies return to their original level of aggressiveness sooner. They have no built-in defenses.
Xevious Logram.gif Logram: 300 points
These are stationary attack domes. They serve as ground-to-air defense stations, firing a single shot at you occasionally.
Xevious Domogram.gif Domogram: 800 points
These function as Lograms on a hovering platform. It can't float across the sea, but it can cross a river. While their course normally follows the path of a road, they can change direction unexpectedly.
Xevious Derota.gif Derota: 1000 points
Derotas are more evolved Lograms. They serve as area defense stations, with the ability to fire shots at you rapidly.
Xevious Grobda.gif Grobda: 200~10000 points
These tanks can only move forwards and backwards. They can detect when you're targeting them and speed up or slow down to avoid getting bombed. It will not attack you, and it's worth a variety of points depending on the situation and skill with which you kill it. (The Grobda appears as the star of a later Namco game, appropriately named Grobda)
Xevious Garu Bara.gif Garu Bara: 300 points
Pyramids which are much larger than Bara, and serve as energy storage bases for large regions. They have no built-in defenses. Only the very top is vulnerable, the bottom is made from the same material as Bacura.
Xevious Garu Derota.gif Garu Derota: 2000 points
Larger than the Derota, these octagon-shaped defense installations have greater firepower than their smaller counterparts. Like the Garu Bara, only the center is vulnerable as the rest is constructed from Bacura material.
Xevious Boza Logram.gif Boza Logram: 300~2000 points
This enhanced Logram attaches four domes to a central assault weapon with deadly accuracy. Each external pod is worth 300 points while the center pod is 2000. Taking out the center destroys the entire thing.

Hidden targets[edit]

Enemy Description
Xevious Sol.gif Sol: 2000/2000 points
Sol towers, which commonly occur in groups, are initially invisible. When your targeting reticule passes over one, it will flash indicating the pressence of a Sol tower. Bombing their location once makes them appear and awards you 2000 points. Bombing them once more destroys them for an additional 2000 points. Their locations are fixed throughout the game.
Xevious Special Flag.gif Special Flag: 1000 points + Extra Life
There are four locations that contain hidden special flags throughout the 16 different zones. Unlike other ground targets, your reticule will not light up when it passes over the location of the flag. They always occur at the same point along the map, but their horizontal location can vary. (On the arcade version, a dip switch can change the bonus of the flag from an extra life to 10,000 points.) The flag originally appeared in the Namco game Rally-X.


Xevious Andor Genesis.gif Andor Genesis: 4000/1000 points
The Andor Genesis is the Xevious mothership. It is usually guarded by a stream of Zakutos as it fires at the Solvalou. It has two vulnerabilities; the large glowing gun ports around the core, and the central core itself. Taking out the gun ports weakens its offensive ability and awards you 1000 points each, while taking out the core grounds the mothership immediately and grants you 4000 points. At that time, the Bragza core will escape and fly on ahead to the next Andor Genesis.