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You start off on the outside of the satellite where Queen Maria is being held captive. As a reminder, you already have all five Force Stars, so there will be no Force Star room in this stage. You start a short distance away from the first door, with a robot hovering overhead. As you get closer to the door, small worms that roll into balls will approach. Step inside the door:

  • Information shop: Pay 20E to learn, "Queen Maria Star is captured at the Goruza castle which is just a few steps ahead."

Blast your way past more worms and hovering robots to reach the second door on the ground, which is a Treasure box room. Directly above that, you will find a Weapon upgrade room, but before you visit it, head to the next door to the right, which is an Item shop. Purchase the Moon Ball for 70E, and then leave and return to the Weapon upgrade room to upgrade the Moon Ball for 40E.

Xexyz Area 11-1.png

Start walking to the right, beyond the wall. You will see a set of floating columns. After jumping over a few of them, you will see a star column on the ground. You can shoot this star column to reveal a hidden door. Inside this door is a Rescue room, where you can earn 40E if you defeat the floating head.

A little further ahead, you will see a set of platforms over a gap. Don't risk falling into this gap by trying to collect the E block. Instead, hop over, and jump up to the top of the next wall. Notice the door on the bottom, but continue past it to reach the next door above the wall, which contains a Gambling room.

Walk to the end of the wall, and then double back to the door on the ground that you passed. This unusual room contains two L blocks, and an enemy that crosses the floor. Defeat the enemy, and collect the L blocks. Then leave and re-enter the room as many times as necessary to refuel your health.

Jump over some more floating columns until you reach a second gap. You can safely collect the E block here. Then jump up to the small platforms near the top, and carefully jump from one block to the next until you reach solid ground again. When you land, you will see another star column. You can shoot this column as well to reveal another hidden door. Inside is another Information shop, where you would have to pay 20E to learn, "Boss's weakness is its eye."

Continue walking right to reach another wall. Visit the door on the ground first:

  • Information ship: Pay 20E to learn, "You can get into Goruza castle if you have five FORCE STARs. Goruza castle is twice as big as the other mechanical castles. Be careful!"

Then jump up to the top of the wall to enter through the door and find another room like the one before with two L blocks in it. Just beyond the wall, jump over to the next door to find a Money room where you will gain 20E.

From the ground do a high jump up to the floating platform, and then carefully jump from one block to the next over the gap. Drop down to the ground on the other side to collect an E block, and then continue a short distance to the castle entrance.

Indoor 1[edit]

Two robots will fall to the ground when you enter. Destroy them and hop over the gaps to continue. When you reach the platforms, jump up to collect the E block, and then enter the nearby door:

  • Information shop: Pay 20E to learn, "You will need 50E to get into the mobile armor at the hangar."
Xexyz Area 11-2.png

You will see an air-well in the ceiling. If you jump up through it and continue to the end of the room above, you will find a door that leads to an Item shop, which sells the Laser for 90E in case you want it. A short distance from the ceiling air-well, you will see an air-well in the ground. If you make your way to the end of the lower room, you will find a Treasure box room.

Staying in the original room, continue beyond both air-wells do find one more door before the entrance to the hangar. The door contains a Weapon upgrade room, in case you bought a new weapon from the item shop one floor up. Head through the door to find the hangar.

Scrolling 1[edit]

Xexyz Area 11-3.png

In the beginning, you will face a series of needles that fly straight across the screen. The first P capsule will appear on the floor when a group of enemies that move in waves appear. As these enemies appear, you will see a ground cannon, followed by a narrow passage. Collect an S capsule from the ground after the passage. Take the top door to proceed.

Small tanks roam the floor, and the platforms here shoot at you. Needles appear from the left side and fly across the room. The second P capsule will appear on top of one of the platforms. Shortly after, a face will appear and start to merge. It comes together right when you reach the doors. Destroy it, and then take the top door to exit.

Indoor 2[edit]

Xexyz Area 11-4.png

When you arrive, you will see three insect enemies on the right, and a door immediately above you. Fortunately, this door contains one of those rooms with two L blocks. Destroy the enemy inside, collect the blocks, leave the room, and come back as ofter you need to fill up your life. Then hop over the gaps until you reach two air-wells. If you travel all the way to the right of this room, you will find a Rescue room where you can earn 40E.

If you go up the top air-well and travel to the right, you will find an Item shop. To proceed, you'll need to go through the bottom air-well. Head all the way to the right, and you'll see a door to a Gambling room near the ceiling, just before the entrance to the hangar. Enter the hangar to get to the next scrolling section.

Scrolling 2[edit]

You will first be attacked by fast moving straight flyers, followed by slightly slower moving needles. Then the passage will narrow. Shoot the small tanks along the passage. A P capsule will be on the ground beyond the passage, and then an S capsule will appear at the start of a second narrow passage. A face will appear and start to merge just before you reach the doors. Take the lower door to proceed.

Xexyz Area 11-5.png

Enemies will approach you from the floor and ceiling as you pass. Wave enemies will appear as you start to fly through the columns. You'll find an S capsule on the floor before a column. Soon, the shooting platforms will appear. A P capsule will be on the ground below them. Carefully make your way to the end of this section, and take the top door to proceed.

Tanks appear along with shooting platforms. An S capsule will be perched on top of a platform. Then Z motion enemies will attack. Stay on the ground throughout the remainder of this stage, rising only to dodge any Z motion enemies which rush you from the left side of the screen. When you reach the doors, take the lower door to exit.

Indoor 3[edit]

Xexyz Area 11-6.png

You arrive in a small room with two robots and a platform cannon. There's a door in the lower right corner:

  • Information shop: Pay 20E to learn, "You must beat all three guards in order to advance to the boss's room."

You should head through the lower air-well first (unless you are incredibly low on health, in which case you should go up first, and visit the first door with two L blocks, and then return to the lower air-well by the entrance.) Down below, you will eventually find a door with an Item shop. If you can afford it, buy a Typhoon, and proceed all the way to the right. You will find the first of three guards. If you have the Typhoon, you can simply smash into it. Otherwise, defeat it normally, and then return to the entrance.

Next, head up through the upper air-well. In the floor above, you will reach a door which contains a room with two L blocks. Leave and return to this room to refill your health, but watch out for the spiders on the ceiling. Around this area are two more air-wells, above and below. Ignore them and continue to the right. You will find the second that you must defeat. Then return to the air-wells.

Head through the top air-well first. Right near where you arrive is a door to a Weapon upgrade room. Watching out for the two spiders on the ceiling, continue all the way to the right to find the third and final guard. Defeat it, and then head down through the air-well to return to the floor below. Restock your life if necessary, and head down through the lower air-well.

The door below the air-well is a Treasure Box room. Make your way to the right until you see face statues that shoot at you. Hop over the first pair and climb up the second to reach the door that leads to the battle against Goruza.

Boss: Goruza[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

Xexyz Area 11 boss 1.png

The battle against Goruza is broken up into three phases. In the first phase, you merely go up against two arms, which throw energy orbs across the screen. You don't even need to defeat both arms; simply destroying the left arm is sufficient.

Phase 2[edit]

Xexyz Area 11 boss 2.png

In the second phase, the large portion of his body will appear from the right. Once he is fully on-screen, he will move up and down, and the left and right, repeating this pattern. As he does, he constantly fires a spread of three energy orbs which you must avoid. The safest strategy against this phase is to stay between the middle and bottom orbs while you fire constantly. This means moving all the way down if necessary to avoid getting hit. Line Apollo up just below the middle orb when Goruza is moving left and right to find a safe spot until he starts moving up and down again.

Phase 3[edit]

Xexyz Area 11 boss 3.png

In the final phase, you must fight against Goruza's smaller head. This head acts like a small ship which can dart around the screen. When it shoots, it fires a spread of six shots that fan out in three directions. Once again, you want to line yourself up between the middle and lower shots. When the head darts to the left, get out of the way. Wait for it to start retreating. After it has fired one set of shots, and then line Apollo up so that he can avoid the next set of shots, while still firing upon the head. It will take a large number of hits before Goruza is finally defeated.

Upon defeating Goruza, you rescue Queen Maria, but you learn that your mission is not completely over, and that you must still destroy the fortress. Maria gives you a ship with thich to accomplish this task.