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Bombing saucers greet you when you arrive in this stage. Jump up to the first door above the ground:

  • Information room: "Welcome Apollo. This is the island of the lake. Our leader, Queen Helena is captured at the mechanic castle on this island."

Jump over the star column and watch out for the robot on the other side. Enter the second door on the ground to find a Hot tub rescue room. Defeat the floating head to receive 50E from the hot tub spirit.

An enemy will jump out from the water. Wait for it to pass, and then jump over to the platforms beyond. A set of cannon inchworms will be crossing the bridge. Before you enter the door to the left of the bridge, you may wish to enter the door above the bridge to play the Treasure box room mini-game. Then come back to the door before the bridge:

  • Item room: The creature inside will give you the Typhoon, an item which makes you invincible for approximately 9 seconds.

When you leave, jump up to the bridge and rush forward in an attempt to maximize the use of the Typhoon. You can double back to collect the E block if you really need it, but this will take time away from your ability to safely crash into enemies. The next door beyond the jump is an:

  • Item shop. Since there is no Weapon room in this stage, it's a good idea to purchase your favorite weapon now. Assuming you like the defensive capabilities of the Moon Ball, that would be a good choice for the rest of this stage, although it will set you back 70E.

Continue moving to right, and jump across the columns. At this time, your Typhoon item will be running out. Make it up to the floating door above the columns:

  • Information room: Queen Maria Star is captured at the Goruza castle on satellite orbit."
Xexyz Area 7-1.png

Next you'll come to a small island with a star column and an L block on the right side. This happens to be the column that you must shoot to reveal the hidden door. Do so and step inside to find the Force Star room. Assuming you bought the Moon Ball, simply sit in the lap of the statue until it is defeated and you earn the fourth star. Then exit, and collect the L block.

Jump across two more columns until you reach a door high above the ground. Inside is a Gambling room. The next door below to the right of the star column contains a Weapon upgrade room. Assuming you bought the Moon Ball from the Item shop, it would be a good idea to power up your weapon for 40E. Then jump across the water to reach another door, which leads to a Health room. The frog inside will charge you 90E to restore your health. As usual, you should only consider this if you have less than 50% of your health.

As you start crossing the bridge, you will see a door above the bridge which leads to a second Item shop, but you shouldn't need anything from here now. You may wish instead to travel below the bridge to collect an E block. In doing so, you will also be able to access the door beneath the bridge which leads to a second Hot tub rescue room, where you can earn another 50E by defeating the floating head.

When you're done, jump up to the top of the bridge and enter the second door above the bridge to find a Money room and receive 20E. Then exit and drop down to the land below the end of the bridge for an L block. Then jump across the next two columns to the land beyond, defeat the two robots, and enter the castle.

Indoor 1[edit]

The castle become even deadlier, now that the face statues which occupy dead-ends can shoot at you. Most of the first room can be skipped. When you start, jump up to the first platform. If you wish to collect an E block, jump up to the higher platform when you reach it, but note that it will dead-end and you'll have to double back while the statue shoots at you. If instead you continue all the way to the end of the middle platform, you'll reach the right side of the room where you'll find a Gambling room through the door in the upper right corner.

To proceed through the castle, return to the entrance, and walk below the platform. You will reach an air-well in the floor. If you drop below it, you will land in a room with a door in the lower left corner. This door is a Weapon upgrade room, which you probably won't need. As you reach a platform, jump up to collect an E block from the middle, and then jump up again to find an air-well in the ceiling. This leads to a small room with a door to an Item shop near the ceiling.

Xexyz Area 7-2.png

Back in the room below, you will see an air-well on the floor. As you do, robots will be hovering over your head. If you're truly curious, you can jump atop the small platforms to reach the door on the right side of the room:

  • Information ship: Pay 20E to learn, "Boss's weakness is its tail."

It's better to save your money and drop down the air-well. Here you'll find a small room with the door that leads to the hangar. In this room is an L block, and you can leave and return to this room as many times as necessary to collect the L block and fill up your health meter. Then proceed through the hangar.


The first section starts off with a platform cannon, followed by some enemies that move in a wave. After more platform cannons come the enemies that move up and down between the floor and ceiling. Stay high above the platform to collect the first P capsule. After passing through a narrow channel, you'll reach an S capsule on top of a platform. When you reach the doors, take the top door to proceed.

Xexyz Area 7-3.png

Fast moving ships will dart toward you in a straight line, followed by wave enemies. When you see platform cannons, prepare to collect the second P capsule, which will give your vehicle the capability to fire a second shot behind you. Offensively, this isn't quite as helpful. Proceed past the enemies, and when you reach the doors, take the top door to proceed.

Surprisingly, you must now fly through a third section, which will be the norm for the rest of the game. Take out the cannons on the floor if you wish, then fly above the columns as a set of wave enemies appear. An S capsule will be on the floor between columns. Then you must alternate between the floor and the ceiling to get through the maze until you find another P capsule. Then fly above two columns, until you reach the end. Take the bottom door to exit this section.

Indoor 2[edit]

Xexyz Area 7-4.png

The room you arrive in contains an L block, and the only means of escape is through the air-well in the ceiling. If you took a lot of damage in the scrolling section, you can leave and return here until you collect enough L blocks to feel safe, but don't worry about filling up your health meter.

Jump up through the air-well, and blast your way past two enemies. If you walk all the way to the far right side of the room, you will find another L block near a door, which contains an Item Shop. If you're really interested in collecting E money, consider visiting the floor above through the air-well in the ceiling. At the dead-end, you'll find a door that leads to a Rescue room where you can earn 40E for defeating the floating head. But if you're doing well with money, you can skip this.

If you want to proceed to the boss battle, you should drop down through the air-well in the floor. Defeat the two enemies that greet you, and jump over the column. Blast your way past all of the enemies as you head to the right. Watch out for the shooting face statues and jump up to the door near the ceiling to gain access to the boss.

Boss: Loboza[edit]

Xexyz Area 7 boss.png

While you may have been told that this boss's weak-point is it's tail, it happens to be vulnerable to attack everywhere, so don't worry about aiming for the tail. It comes in from the right, and then starts moving in a clockwise circle. It constantly shoots bubbles in whatever direction Apollo happens to be in, and you can't destroy these bubbles. However, that's the only means of attack this boss has, and they're not so fast that you can't avoid them. Just keep moving in front of it, firing as frequently as possible, and it will go down easily.