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Fast flying fish will approach as you see the first S capsule, followed by a platform cannon. A short distance later, you'll find the P capsule on a platform with needles poised to drop from the ceiling, or fly up from the floor. Ships will drills will fly in from the right. They will attempt to fire their drills at you and escape the scene.

Xexyz Area 8.png

The small tanks which can launch small jets will appear on the floor. The second P capsule will appear on the floor, once again giving you the ability to fire behind you. A third P capsule appears not long after on top of a high platform.

An S capsule will appear between two platform cannons. Then the face enemy will appear and merge together. Around the same time, the screen will darken and speed up. Remove the face as quickly as possible, and then start dodging the platforms as they whiz by. You can safely stay near the top, ducking down below the occasional platform that appears just below the top of the screen.

Boss: Jawza[edit]

Xexyz Area 8 boss.png

This boos resembles a shark. It appears on the right, and for the most part, it stays on that side of the screen, hardly moving. It attacks by firing a stream of bullets from its mouth, and sending forth both its top and bottom fins. After a couple of times, it starts to swim forward, firing bullets in six directions around him, and then returning to its previous position and starting the sequence over again.

There's no completely safe place to attack from, but in general, you should position yourself so that you can shoot the boss in a small section just above its eye and below the top fin. You'll have to move out of the way whenever the top fin comes flying forward, but if you return to that position, you'll be able to safely shoot and bomb the boss when it comes forward to attack you. With frequent enough fire, you should be able to defeat the boss on its second visit to the left side of the screen.