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Collectable items[edit]

E chip E block
Xexyz item e chip.png
Energy chips serve as the currency of the land throughout the game. These chips can be exchanged for weapons, other items, and even opportunities to earn more chips.
Xexyz item e block.png
Find energy blocks to increase your chip count by five. They appear less frequently than chips from defeated enemies, but you may also find them scattered throughout some areas.
Force Star L block
Xexyz item force star.png
Force stars are required in order to enter the mechanical castles where the queens are being held captive. You must fight statues in order to obtain them. You'll need all five in order to reach the final stage.
Xexyz item l block.png
Life blocks are vital to Apollo's survival. They restore four units of lost health. Like E blocks, they are dropped infrequently by defeated enemies, but you may stumble across some as you explore.
Speed capsule Power capsule
Xexyz item s capsule.png
During the horizontal scrolling sections of the game, you can collect these capsules to increase the maneuverability of your vehicle. However, beware of collecting too many and making your vehicle hard to control.
Xexyz item p capsule.png
Also during the horizontal scrolling section, the power capsules have the ability to improve your vehicle's firepower. However, you must collect two to upgrade your weapons, and you can only upgrade them once.


Translations of the Japanese names for each weapon are provided in parentheses.

Weapon Normal Upgrade
Hand Beam (Squid Beam) This is the default weapon. It resembles the head of an arrow, or a small harpoon, and it travels horizontally for a fixed distance. This is also the weapon that you fire when you shoot upward, regardless of what weapon you currently possess. When upgraded, the Hand Beam travels much farther, extending to the edge of the screen. However, the upward shot does not travel any farther regardless of the upgrade.
45 Ball (Octopus Ball) This is the first special weapon that is offered to you. You can collect it as early as Area 1. When fired, a ball shoots out at a 45 degree angle (downward). Once fired, it will ricochet off of any surface at a perfect right angle, so that it always travels diagonally. Can be used to hit enemies that would be otherwise out of reach. When upgraded, the 45 Ball becomes much faster, enabling them to reach a target much faster than before. They will still disappear after hitting the same number of surfaces.
Wave Ball (Jellyfish Ball) The Wave Ball is a weapon which is capable of shooting through solid obstacles. It fires a ball that travels in a wave. For all of its benefits, it is one of the less practical weapons; it can be very difficult to hit targets which are low to the ground, even when they are right in front of you. When upgraded, the Wave Ball weapon travels much faster. In addition, a second ball is added directly on top of the first, making it a bit easier to hit targets with. Despite this, it is still difficult to hit low enemies.
Moon Ball (Sea Snake Ball) The Moon Ball sends an orb which orbits around Apollo. Not only does this orb serve as protection for Apollo, it also acts as a second gun, shooting whenever Apollo does. If Apollo squats and shoots, the orb will rapidly fire a burst of bullet, but they don't travel far. When upgraded, a second orb will appear and orbit around Apollo with the first. Both orbs will fire bullets when Apollo fires. This is the most defensive weapon.
Laser (Pearl Laser) The Laser is a weapon which fires a near constant stream of particles that travel quickly across the screen. You can hold the fire button down for continuous fire. It has excellent range and can destroy most enemies pretty quickly. When upgraded, a second beam of particles is fired along with the original beam, doubling your chances of hitting your target and doing a lot of damage.

Magic items[edit]

Translations of the Japanese names for each item are provided in parentheses.

Foot Wing (Flying Fish Wing)
When equipped, the Foot Wing allows you to jump much higher than normal. Once in the air, you can press or tap A button to slow Apollo's descent to the ground. The Wing will disappear after Apollo is hit three times.
Mirror (Bivalve Mirror)
Upon obtaining the Mirror, a second Apollo appears directly above the original Apollo, and fires whenever you fire, doubling your offensive power. This Apollo is an illusion and cannot be harmed. However, it will disappear if the bottom Apollo is struck three times.
Typhoon (Turban Shell Typhoon)
The Typhoon grants Apollo complete invulnerability against his enemies for approximately nine seconds. During this time, he may safely crash into any enemy. However, he will still lose a life if he falls through the bottom of the screen, so jump carefully.