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Special Passwords[edit]

Password Description
A2A4A 6A8A0 Use this password To play through all of the even horizontal scrolling stages in their entirety.
BBA13 57912 This password gives you access to a special boss rush mode, where you must battle all of the bosses found at the end of the mechanical castles at the end of the odd stages. After you defeat Goruza, you must also complete Stage 12 as well.
__135 79BD_ This special password allows you to immediately challenge Stage 12, and it grants you full invincibility as well. You ship will take damage, but it will never die. To enter this password correctly, you must backspace the cursor with B button until it stops on the third character, so that the first two spaces are blank. The last space must be blank as well.


In the American version of the game, there is only one ending, where Apollo marries Maria, and the two live happily ever after. However, in the Japanese game, you are given a choice, and your choice determines the ending that you get to see.

In the Japanese version, you are given a box, and three options: open it, leave it closed, or throw it away. Leaving the box closed gives you the same ending as the American version, where you marry Maria. If you open it, you will return to your own home world, and you will notice a girl who looks just like Maria when walking on the beach, who you end up marrying and live happily every after. If you throw it away, you return to your home world, but you are struck by divine punishment, and never find Maria.